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Friday of last week Thomas and I got into the car to go to the bank, but first we had to search the whole car for the GPS. Then we got in and started backwards, coming to an ugly abrupt stop when the open back car door (his side) hit the edge of the garage. The door is ruined and will have to be replaced. We managed to jam it shut, but it's bent badly enough I'm worried about rain getting in. I have a $1000 deductible on stuff like that, and it'll probably be about that much. Maybe more. If it's a lot more than my deductible, I'll turn it in and let StateFarm pay, but whichever way, it'll cost me the thousand. so there went the "extra" (Ha!) money I was going to spend at a friend moving sale. I really had my eye on her practically new front-loading washer/dryer combo and matching pedestals.

Versa, DOA

Sep. 24th, 2008 08:04 pm
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Poor Thomas, He had a bad wreck at rush hour.  His fault, of course, he rear-ended a van. No one hurt, but the car is most certainly a total loss.  So,  the before:

and then, the after:
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Here I sit, waiting for a friend to drive out of her way to pick me up, because once again I'm stuck here without a car.  I've got to get this car thing figured out.  I can't complain to Mark, because he'll just want to make Mat give us back the Reno.  And now that they're living out in the burbs, he really needs a car.  I may just have to break down and buy some piece of junk until I'm ready to go into debt for a real car.
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One more day in AL.  In fact not a full 24hrs, now, more like about15.  I've been non-stop for the last several days, trying to think of all things I have to prepare/get done before I leave.   I don't know.   Too much.

So, today, the toilet breaks.  The bobbing thing has clogged completely with Calcium (we get our water from Artesian wells in LIMESTONE, so our calcium deposits on everything from teapots to ice makers is scary).  So we need that part.  Not a big deal, I've replaced several over the years.  But ya know, I don't have time to deal with this one.  So Mark and I are talking,   Kinda going over the schedules, that I still have a lot left to do before I go, that yes, I will make sure he has all the underwear possible clean before i go, etc.   He's going to leave work early tomorrow and go caving, and all day Saturday, but apparently be home Sunday.  So I said, "maybe you could get the part and fix the toilet Sunday."  He actually looks at me  and asks, "what are you doing tomorrow?"   No,no, it's okay, he's still alive, there were no swords handy.  After my vision clears, I look at him, and say, "multitudes of things too numerous to name."  And he's still looking at me perplexed.  Amazed I'm going to leave him for 2 weeks with a broken toilet.  Anybody want to place bets on whether he will fix it, or just go down the hall to the guest bath for two weeks?  This is a man mind you who won't open one piece of mail the whole time I'm gone.  It will every piece of it, junk and car tag decals (the old ones expire Saturday.  The new ones are coming in the mail.  I registered the cars, but he'll be driving around with an expired tag until I get back and put the decal on for him) alike, be on the dining room table in a stack, waiting for me..

I know, this was the deal.  I never have to work.  But I run the household.  Completely, except lawn stuff.  And, of course, the new puppy.  Whom I took stitches out of the other day  (we got him fixed, and I always take the stitches out myself from all the animals and minor cuts on kids.  Way less traumatic than another trip to a doctor/vet).  I told Mark he had to hold the puppy down while I pulled them.  He says, I don't think I can do that.  From me:  Silence.   Mark:He's very wiggly.  Me:  Two options, dear -- 1, hold the puppy still enough that I can get the stitches out. 2,You take your puppy to the vet and wait for him while they take the stitches out.  He opts for #1, I'm quick, no one but Mark is traumatized.

Anyway, I don't mind the deal, most of the time.  I lead a good life.  He never questions anything I do house or car or money wise.  But sometimes, I just want to stake him.


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