Jun. 10th, 2011

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I don't know why I woke up at 5:45 and couldn't get back to sleep. It might have been those really loud, happy birds in my yard. I've had the quiet, empty house all to myself for almost two hours. That's another mystery. I can't believe I'm awake and Mark's still asleep. He got up and went to the couch in the middle of the night, so he's out in the living room, right by the kitchen. I'm trying not to wake him up, but I'm running out of quiet things to do. I sent a tweet and I downloaded two apps for my iPhone before it began to whine about low battery. I've checked and read my email, and logged in to Facebook, and I'm starting to get really hungry.

Yesterday went well, once I finally got in gear. I slept until 10:30, and only woke up then because Thomas started playing piano to wake me up. But after some fumbling around and making tea, I began working on stuff for Elance. I'm trying to put together things for our portfolio. I was having good ideas and making some progress when bedtime came around. I had trouble getting to sleep and trouble staying asleep, which is probably why I'm up now--too many ideas going 'round in my head.
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Everyone keeps telling me the trick to being a writer is to keep writing. I don’t think they say that to painters. But maybe they do.

I have friends who can’t stop themselves from writing. They don’t understand how I can NOT write. They can tell I’m literate, and I edit their things and help make them better, and I can tell funny story, so they just assume I must be able to write too. But what they don’t know is that almost all the funny stories I tell are just true.

My family is just interesting and funny, and we go interesting places and funny things happen to us. When I’m with them, and someone does something, I say, “you know you’re going to be chapter 57 when I write my book!” We’ve even decided what the title should be. And Then There Was More Food, because there always is. We laugh until we cry, and then we go back for more pie.


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