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Jun. 2nd, 2011 09:44 pm
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I know it’s petty. Compared to how bad things were, complaining about today’s migraine is like someone who’s jst spent months with broken legs up in traction then complaining about a sprained ankle. But still, a sprain can leave you unable to walk. And today has been one of those migraine days where none of the various drugs or combinations has completely done the job. I keep trying to focus on the fact that this will be an isolated incident, as opposed to a four-days-a-week affair. I just hate that I’ve wasted most of a day not being able to think clearly.

I started reading Freakonomics today. It’s immediately interesting. Both of my boys have read it and raved about it. But it keeps being loaned to someone else before I can catch it. So I had to order it on PaperBackSwap. Which is okay, I have a lot of credits to use. I’ve been letting Mat order books, and he’s managed to order 17-18, but that still leaves me about 15-16 credits.

Speaking of, I got an App for it. (I love my new iPhone toy.) Now instead of logging onto the site and entering the 10-digit ISBN, I just aim my phone at the bar code, and it beeps and the book is listed! It is entirely too cool. I threatened to scan every book in my house, but I don’t want to swap most of them. I wonder if there’s a app for just scanning them into a spreadsheet or database?

Thomas and I also spent some time calming down Bethany. She’s getting married in a couple of weeks, and she’s about ready to turn into Bridezilla. Thomas is the wedding musician. He’s playing piano before and during the wedding, then playing violin during the reception. He played a few things for her today, and reassured her that at least the music would be beautiful.

ETA: There is a book database app, called iBook!  Scanning as we speak.

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Well, not any worse.

The allergist helped a little, I think.  The two nose sprays have improved breathing and cut out the strictly sinus headaches.  But I'm still getting 3-4 migraines a week. 

I saw a neurologist this week and he insisted that Topamax would be fine on top of the other psycho-active drugs I take, including Lamictal, which is a similar drug.  But that I could discuss it with my psychiatrist first before I fill the script.

I was not real impressed with the numbers on Topamax.  I quizzed the poor man unmercifully about other options, and there are no other "preventative" options, except drugs.  And they start with Topamax because it is the best drug.  Define best:  It works in 60% of patients, and of those 60%, they see a 50% - 75% reduction in the frequency and severity of the migraines. 

So, using the best case scenario with those numbers, I can go from 13-15 headaches a month to 4 - 5 headaches a month that the Maxalt alone will be able to handle.  I can live with that.  So I just have to hope that for once, I'm just typical and I'm in the 60%!

So I left him thinking that he just didn't appreciate the delicacy of brain chemistry, and I'm sure he thought I just didn't appreciate the robust flexibility of brains.

I actually saw Sophia (my psych) the very next day, and she said, "First, why don't we stop the Lamictal? While it does help most people with migraines, there is a certain small percentage of people that it actually gives migraines, and this wouldn't be the first time you've been in a 'small percentage' of people where a drug or side affect is concerned."  (For instance, I'm one of those VERY rare adults that gets the atypical reaction to benedryl that some kids get --It makes me hyper instead of drowsy.)  And it turns out, when we go back on the records, I've only been on Lamictal since about November, so the timing is right for it to be that too.  You have to step down, of course, although not as slowly as some drugs, so tonight will be my first no Lamictal night.  So then in about three weeks, if that's the cause, I should see reduction of the headaches.

Fingers crossed.

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Of course, everyone has a theory. 

My mother and my best friend are sure it it's menopause hormones.

oh yeah, there's got to be some sort of hormonal connection, because there always has been.  Until recently, the worst migraines I'd ever had were during pregnancy.   And I could basically depend on at least one a month, the day before my period would start.  I'm nearly 50, so I'm sneaking up on middle age, to say the least.  (But I am still having very regular periods, and all my hormone levels were some of the billion things they checked last week when they drew 5 vials of blood.  I was normal for the "pre-ovulatory" phase, which is dead on target according to my calendar.)

My mother had an early hysterectomy, but MamaCile, Aunt Katherine, and Aunt Robbie all had long, miserable, migraine-filled "changes."  I just hope that now, 60 years down the road from when Mamacile started going through it, that maybe we can do something else.  Or that there's some other, contributing factor than can be dealt with.

My latest contributing friend (everyone has an idea!) has me trying not to eat corn.  I know, it probably sounds ridiculous, but I've know just enough people over the years with corn/cornsyrup problems, and migraines and other similar symptoms to give it a try.  Why not.  My good friend Jean G. reminded me of her long and on-going migraine struggle, Maxalt, Topamax, B12, Vitamin D, other stuff.  But what finally helped was talking to another friend of ours, Ellen, whose younger sisters (twins) have this corn intolerance that was giving them migraines and the other assorted symptoms, similar to Jean, and me (mental fog, forgetfulness, achy joints, back, and neck, fatigue, etc).  So Jean went corn-free, which meant giving up Coke! Because it's high in high fructose corn syrup.  She feels much better, and the HAs are gone.  She's been able to narrow it down to just HFCS, in fact.  Like another friend of mine (Diane) who, since I've known her has been unable to eat anything with corn syrup in it. She's always had to cook for herself because so much packaged food has corn syrup in it. Jean buys her Coke now from the Mexican grocery, because Mexican Coke is still bottled with real sugar.  And she occasionally has Fritos, which don't have HFCS, but are corn, salt, and fat.  And that's all.  I eat them a lot, because my thyroid and adrenal problems make me crave salt, and I've been told to honor those cravings, they're something with only three, familiar ingredients. But I haven't had any for two days now.

I'm telling you, I'm desperate, I'm even to the point where if they told me exercise would help, I'd think about joining a stupid Gym!!

Oh, the allergist did prescribe me two nose sprays, an antihistimine and a topical cortisone, which , between them will probably help me breathe at least.

Part of me was hoping there would be allergies, and I'd have an excuse to free the doggies and get all hardwood floors!  Ah well.  I told that to the doc, and she said, "well, they're irritants, still. I wouldn't hurt." But I'd have to have a stronger argument than "wouldn't hurt."

And one friend sent my favorite so far, a link to a NY Times Health pages article on certain types of plastic surgery (forehead, temple, and back of the neck) seem to completely eliminate migraines for people whose HAs are triggered in those regions.  They've done a placebo study.  Some women got the special surgery that pads the nerves connected to migraines, some just got the regular plastic surgery.  The cure rate was 55% of the women had their HA completely eliminated.  Not "reduced." Gone. 

curiouser and curiouser

Well, I've got to get off to Walgreens before my afternoon slump, so later!
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Still fighting the good fight on the headache front.

I didn't ask for a specific list, and I guess I should have, but I was just stuck 42 times today to do all the standard allergies tests, and I'm negative on everything.  I am VERY not allergic.  I have non-allergic rhinitis.  Which, honestly I could live with if the sinus headaches weren't so often triggering the migraines.

Oh, the allergist did prescribe me two nose sprays, an antihistimine and a topical cortisone, which, between them will probably help me breathe at least.

Part of me was hoping there would be allergies, and I'd have an excuse to free the doggies and get all hardwood floors!  Ah well.  I told that to the doc, and she said, "well, they're irritants, still. I wouldn't hurt." But I'd have to have a stronger argument than "wouldn't hurt."

My doctor also drew a boatload of blood last week, and checked everything she could think of, including D & Calcium, (folate for sure, I'm not sure about the other B's) and again, they're fine.  The only things off were expected: low iron and protein and low thyroid.

She was about to recommend Topamax when I reminded her I was already on Lamictal, which is similar, and although I take it for the bi-polar, it, like Topamax, is often prescribed "off label" for migraines.

I really love all the brainstorming that all my friends and family are doing for me, and trust me, I'm trying everything! I've learned to just accept all their ideas with the grace that the support is offered in, even if they speak to me as if I were 4, and had never heard of migraines or triggers.

I see a neurologist at the end of the month. Allergist today, and I've been bugging my GP and Chiropractor to death for months, literally.  The only thing I haven't tried yet is Acupunture, and if you know a reputable one, I'm there.  (yes, I've tried all the acupressure points.)

The sinus stuff is irritating, and the sinus headaches and the rest are bad, but they are triggering migraines, and the Bastards at BCBS will only let me have 9 Maxalt a month, and it's gotten so bad that it only works about half the time.

It's demoralizing.  I need a haircut, and I'm afraid to make an appt., because I never know what the day will be like.  I almost called in sick today to the allergist, but I loaded up on Excedrin and caffeine and put on my dark shades and sat there with my teeth gritted.  I guess all that practice being a mommy no matter what was good for something.
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I've been trying to find a moment to write something, between headaches.  (both sinus and migraine, and sometimes migraine triggered by sinus, and sometimes I just wake up with both!)

I have some good things going on, Larry and I are finally getting serious and started on me being the N. AL branch office of L. I. Smith & Assoc.  I actually went to my first pre-bid meeting, and  got a very large company to ask us for bids (as subs) on two jobs here in Madison county that they are bidding on.  Pretty cool for my first time out.

Now if I just had more than two or three days a week where I felt human, I could probably go out and make some money!

I've been back to the doctor, who is sending me and my MRI to a neurologist, and also to an allergist to see if something might be done on that front to help my constant sinusitis. She also drew a couple of pints of blood to check everything you can check, from folate, to hormones, to thyroid, to Epstein-Barre, to calcium.  I also got new glasses yesterday.  I've been going to my chiropractor, who makes me feel better in my neck and back, but isn't actually helping the headaches.  I'm trying every thing on every front I can.

I also am making the permanent change to a nurse-practitioner in the office with a doctor I used to use years ago.  I had changed to another doctor who was more open to alternative medicine about 7 years ago, but she's cut back to being a part time doctor and moved to a clinic in another town, about 45 minutes away.  She's hard to get in to see, and the office is a nightmare to deal with.  So I'm back to my original doctor's office where I started out when I first moved to AL.  {Mark and the boys have stayed with her all this time.  Mark is not open to alternative medicine either, And none of the guys is hardly ever sick anyway.  The last time Thomas was at a doctor was for a physical, two years ago when we were jumping through all those hoops for DHR to become foster parents.  Before that, probably the physical for Boy Scout Camp.}  Anyway, the point is that she's changed me from the Armour Thyroid, which Armour is no longer making, and I was having to have compounded, and have been without for nearly three weeks, to Synthroid.  Which may at least help with how tired and cold I've been the last few weeks.

I'm getting demoralized about the whole thing, as you might imagine.

My life has turned into one of those "you had to be there" jokes.
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(Actually written last week)

Okay, You know how I go on and on about my long term hoo-ha with migraines.

Well, I've pretty much had a headache since New Year's Eve morning. Not necessarily a migraine, and there were one or two days in there where it was barely noticeable. Some days I was convinced it was "just" sinus. Although, I have to be careful, because ANY kind of headache can be a "trigger" for a M. But many of those days I have woken up in full blown "my head has exploded and I can't find all the pieces" mode. Dizzy, nauseous, weak, pain that goes all the way out my left arm to my fingers, my whole left side tingles, I can't concentrate, light hurts, noise hurts, lifting my head from the pillow is almost impossible. And yes, I tried all the obvious, including heat, ice, stretching, lying still, ignoring it (definitely NOT a good call), Maxalt, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, aspirin, acetaminophen, caffeine, Sudafed, guaifenesin, chocolate, wine, and tequila. Not all at the same time of course, but separately and in various combinations. I’ve had good luck with treating migraines with red wine and chocolate. Yes, I know those are both classic triggers, but once you’ve already got the headache, what’s to trigger? Turns out it helps, often. But nothing is touching this stuff. In fact, three shots of tequila, and I was not only still in quite a bit of pain, I was still distressingly sober, which I should not have been after that much alcohol.

I finally decided to go to the doctor. If it is just really bad sinus, maybe some bacteria I got in Mexico that I'm not fighting off well, etc, maybe they can help. So I go in, tell my sad tale of woe, request a sinus X-ray, etc. Well, the Nurse Practitioner that I'm seeing thinks maybe an MRI wouldn't be completely out of the question, either. Can't we spot sinus infection on an X-ray? yes, but, migraine, blah blah something. Have I mentioned that I haven't been thinking clearly or remembering well? So the X-ray looks like yeah, a little infection, sorta looks like it's just starting though (or just getting over it? It HAS been two weeks), but she's going to write me a 10 day script for Augmentin or something, and give me a steroid shot in the butt. And schedule the MRI for Friday.

While I’m sitting there, I have an epiphany about, “What if the headache isn’t the defining symptom? What if my headache is coincidental or along with? And my neck hurts. What if that NECK thing, which connects the two body parts (head and arm) where the two major pains are, is important?

So my chiropractor is in and can see me. After finding out that I’d been in Mexico, he was very interested in the fact that we DROVE for 35 hours to get home. Seems being in a car that long is not good for backs, necks, etc. And yes, that could be a sinus headache I’m having, but it’s also a common area for neck pain to be “referred” to. He puts a heating pad behind me hooks me up to the electric buzzer torture thing (which is actually quite a pleasant sensation) to stimulate the muscles and get them to loosen up. Then after that he “broke” me. I was a little afraid to move, the crack in my neck sounded like I’d been seriously broken. Apparently it was broken free, though. I felt somewhat better.

By Thursday morning, with more heating pad and stretching stuff on my own, I felt fairly decent. Just sort of congested, with pressure on my head, and achy.

We drove to Laurel MS for my Aunt Katherine’s funeral on Friday. A sad but not traumatic affair. She was 76, and had been wheelchair bound for some time after a stroke. But with the going back and forth from and to the church, the cemetery, the church, the hotel, the house, and back home, we ended up spending most of Friday in the car.

Saturday I woke up in agony. One of the top three worst of the last three weeks. Saturday was a loss, I don’t even remember that much of it. Sunday was less bad.

Monday I got to see Kyle (my chiropractor) in the morning, before I went to get my MRI in the afternoon. I also was there Thursday. He puts me on the electrical stimulation machine, along with heat pads, and does some loosen and “cracking” stuff, and it seems to help. Plus I’m doing heat and stretching at home.

I just can’t seem to get things right though.

Last night I had a terrible headache despite seeing Kyle in the morning, and being on day 8 of the antibiotics, and being loaded up on the decongestants. I was really feeling sorry for myself, when the tornado sirens went off. AH HA! I said! It’s not me! My very pressure-sensitive sinuses are just doing what they do when we get bad-weather sudden pressure changes. I immediately felt better, at least mentally. Oh, and the tornado wasn’t in my part of town, although there were a couple of touchdowns, some damage, and power outages.

So, anyway, which is it, the headache? Migraine, brain cysts, sinus, neck pinch, storms? Seems like the answer may depend on what you're looking for, what your paradigm filter is.
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Which is not to say I didn't wake up with one, for the 5th day in a row, but that the Maxalt and Excedrin and Oolong tea before I got out of bed (thanks to Shelby for making the perfect cup of tea) worked today for some reason. Maybe I was the doing them all before moving. Maybe it was the Oolong, that was different. Who knows. So I had a great day, today. I've had oodles more energy. You don''t realize how much energy you expend just trying to deal with pain.

Shelby had a guitar lesson, at the Fret Shop where Thomas takes violin, but with a guitar teacher. The teacher thinks Shelby is teachable, and Shelby had fun and liked the teacher and really wants to do it. So Bryan, the teacher, and I will have to talk money. At least, unlike violins and pianos, we have a guitar.

Still don't know about Kaiser. Never make decisions about animals when you have a headache. You think you're thinking clearly, but you're not. He still would be a great thing for Shelby, if Shelby can do this. But he's not well socialized to other dogs, and he was clearly "top dog" as Cesar says, over his previous human. He is extraordinarily rude, for a dog. He tries to get things off counters and tables, and plates you're carrying, he thinks he's going to lie on my furniture and jump up on my bed and sleep with me. I love dogs. I really love MY dogs. But I love them enough to remember they they are not humans. And he's decided that I'm the person in the family he's going to follow every where, and keep all the other dogs from approaching. And he's leery of Shelby, because he knows that Shelby is just a little afraid of him. And he thinks he can shit on the deck instead of going down to the yard. He may have to go back.

I'm way already taking care of TOOO many beings.


Jan. 28th, 2009 11:33 pm
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Well, somehow, I brought home a dog today.

A papered, two yr. old neutered male for free. There's some story about divorce and money, etc, but I don't understand why they aren't trying to sell him. I haven't found out what's wrong with him, except that he's a little aggressive with Katy and Rusty, but that's the whole male thing, and will probably sort itself out quickly.

It only took one hiss and three swaps with the claws so fast that Kaiser couldn't even blink for him to learn that he WILL be respectful to Norman. I just love that. Cats just don't take shit, and they don't care that you weigh 10 times what they do, because they know they are deadly.

But I don't know. I'm already having "buyer's remorse." I thought it would be a really good thing for Shelby to have 'his' dog to be responsible for, to learn to control, and train. All that self confidence stuff. Learning how to be firm but gentle, set distinct boundaries, be 'pack leader' etc. It worked with Thomas, when he was 12 and Katy was running all over him. He went through obedience classes with her and learned a lot about confidence, which carried over into his life. etc. But I don't know about Shelby. It may be too soon. But it's not something you can study the theory of and figure out, you can really only learn by doing. And I don't know what would be easier than a smart dog. And Kaiser is definitely smart. (Norman will attest to Kaiser being easily trained) He is terribly spoiled, and waits to see if you're serious about a command before he obeys, but he knows what he's supposed to be doing. You don't have to repeat a command. You just give him the leash correction and he does what you've asked. And then for the next several tries, he's perfect. Then he has to check and see if you reeaally meant it.

I don't know. I go up and down about Shelby's capabilities. And today, since I woke up with another migraine (three days in a row or those of you counting), and had to dose with lots and lots and lots of coffee, and the caffeine is starting to wear off, and I'm up past my usual bedtime. Mark's not back from his rope-climbing practice in B'ham.
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At 3:11 this morning I was wide awake, and hungry.  So much so that I just got up and ate a bowl of cereal and read some. Then, at about four, still quite awake, I decided that if I didn't get to bed before daylight, I wouldn't get to bed, and that maybe 4 hours wasn't quite enough sleep.  So I went back to sleep, and woke up again exactly 4 hours later.  I've had this happen to me before.  Back in college I went through a phase (almost a year) where I could only sleep 4 hours at a time.  So I slept from 4 to 8.  Both of them.  And honestly, that evening 4 to 8 is a really droopy time for me right now.  I could easily fall asleep.  And having to eat a family dinner in the middle of that time is not good, I'm not hungry. And I perk back up for the late evening hours.

Oh, and I also woke up with a migraine.

Whine whine whine.  I'm sure you're interested.
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Well!  We finally moved on to the Happy part of the Happy Birthday.  We went to Lowe's to get one of my presents (DO NOT LAUGH!  There are lots of good things at Lowe's) and went from there to Chili's, where I began the wine portion of the evening.  Finally, the migraine completely went away.  I should have had Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake and a couple of glasses of wine for breakfast. 

Over all, it's been a good birthday.  Started a little melancholy, what with the dregs of Faye dripping through here, and all.  But improved.

Thomas and I went to the Aquarium Shop and bought 7 new fish, including 2 pair of guppies.  Beloved gave me an excellent big mug from the Shenandoah National Park, and a snowman ornament (snowpeople are something of a weakness of mine, having never lived anywhere where there was enough snow to make one, with the exception of one winter in Cincinnati) and I hung him from the mantle (the snowguy, not Mark).  The snowpeople are allowed to stay out year 'round.
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Thankfully, after taking all the drugs I had in the house, and a long hot shower (long enough to use all the hot water and turn me to a prune), I felt much better by the time my darling got home from the cave. 

Good thing too.  Thomas was over at his friend's house.
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Month of Migraines
That's what this has been.  I've had more migraines this month than in the last year.  Relpax, the latest drug is okay, not great.  It takes two hours to work, if it works.  Sometimes at the end of the two hours I take another, and then after four hours total, (and lots of Excedrin and Ibuprofen) my migraine is at least dulled to the point of tolerance.  I'm calling toorrow and asking for the Maxalt.  I don't know why she (my MD) hasn't already tried that one.  It is actually a lower co-pay on BCBS's schedule of drugs.  Not that money matters to me at a time like this.  I'd pay pretty much anything asked to get rid of this pain when I'm in it.

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In 15 mins, local time, it'll be over.  Always a mixed emotion day for me.  I always think of a definition I heard years ago.  Mother's Day: the one day of the year we treat mothers the way we treat fathers every day.


Mark and Thomas did shop for and cook supper (grilled burgers, corn on the cob, French fries) all by themselves (with only a couple of questions for the mother) and Thomas did all the cleaning afterward.  Of course, does it count if they "give me" a meal I wasn't going to cook anyway?  I never cook on Sunday.


 so, pretty much me, all the usual
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Yes, again this morning I woke up unable to open my eyes or lift my throbbing, one-sided head up off the pillow. I keep extra strength Excedrin and a glass of water on the bed stand, so I managed to down some of those eyes closed without spilling too much water, and by half a hour later I was able to stumble toward more pain meds.

Finally I manage to get to favorite chair and open laptop. Try to type and have to correct every third word.  And I only have about 42 things needing composing and/or typing up today.



Mar. 18th, 2008 01:16 pm
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Again this morning.  Woke up with it.  So, I tried the Imitrex that the Dr. gave me (samples).  This is its second chance.  It's been 3 hours, I'm thinking that if it was going to work, it would have by now.  S now maybe she can prescribe me something else.  Apparently BlueCross insists that you first try Imitrex  before they'll pay for anything else. It's the oldest, and cheapest.  Yay, now my insurance company is dictating my health care.

ETA: After about 5 hours, the pain turned into only a dull pressure, but I'm still very dizzy and nauseated.  A friend says that Imitrex makes her that way.  I don't know, I started out that way.  It certainly is not a complete success.
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The Manic: 

1.    7 hours and 18 minutes until I get to watch Blood Price I on TV.  I like that I bought the iTunes versions, but they really only look good on the computer screen.  Going up to my TV size makes them not quite right. And there's that whole lack of closed captioning thing  And I will capture it on a DVD.

Manic 2.  Thomas retook the ACT today and finished the Math section! (his lowest score before because he ran out of time).  Now as long as he stayed the same or close in other subjects, his overall score should go up. One more point could mean thousands of dollars of scholarship money.  He's already been awarded UAH's second highest scholarship, and was one point away from the full tuition one.  Crossed fingers.

The Depressive:
I'm past the PMS.  Sounds like that should be above, no?  No.  The "M" is definitely worse than the Pre-M. 

At least I do NOT have a Migraine.  Maybe I shouldn't mention it...
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Just wanted to note -- once again, it's day two, and I woke up with one of those migraines where not only can you not lift your head up off the pillow, you can't even open your eyes. I had to just lie there until Thomas got worried and came to check on me (about a half hour of misery). When I heard his quiet voice say "mom?" I just managed to croak out, "drugs." After a bit it eased off enough I could wobble around a bit. After much more caffeine and such, I'm operating within acceptable parameters, but not great.

Same ole

Nov. 7th, 2007 07:55 pm
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Man it's been a really busy last few days. I've been falling into bed exhausted without even trying to get on the internet. It doesn't help. The more I sleep, the worse i feel. Today I have a migraine. Of course I do, it's day two (well, really day one and a half) of the cycle. I feel incredibly overwhelmed. still. I can't seem to catch up no matter what I do.
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Today, yet another migraine. Luckily, now I just know to go for the heavy drugs early on, so by late afternoon it was pretty much gone.

So then, I'm going through the mail, and I have two letters from the Diagnostic center. One says I my "imaging" was perfectly fine. The other says I have a mass (probably benign) that I should schedule another session to look at. Now, I had a mammogram and an ultra sound there, on the same day. Hopefully, the "mass" letter is the mammogram, and the "all clear" letter is the ultrasound, which is what they would do if the MG showed something, I think. However, they 're not labeled, and one can't help but wonder if the MG was clear but the US saw something it missed. Which letter really counts? Of course they were closed by the time I got the letters. I guess I'll just call in the morning.


Oct. 21st, 2007 01:27 am
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I just realized that I've just had four bad migraines in the space of 10 days. It may be time to mention them to my doc. I'm prone to them about once a month, usually only one, and it is rarely as bad as these last three. One a month or two I can handle. But not four close together like this, as bad as these were. They were incapacitating. It may be time to mention them to the doc. Maybe I can try taking that Topamax starting at the beginning of the "red zone". Just what I need, one more pill.


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