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This is incredible, amazing, and totally awesome. I might as well be cliched, because nothing I say could touch how inspired she made me this morning. It starts with her (Sarah Kay) speaking her poem "When I Have A Daughter" which brought my heart up into my throat. She goes on to talk about performance poetry and living. Listen to all 18 minutes.
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How is your mom?
February 21 at 10:45am ยท

She's up and down (or back and forth?) She's still having cluster headaches, which are preventing her from sleeping at night, and slowing down her recovery. The actual incision/aorta replacement seem to be healing as scheduled, but she is... still swollen in her upper body area, has vision trouble, dizziness, weakness, and of course the cluster headaches which in and of themselves are debilitating. She really still can't be by herself, but I had to come home for a couple of days for a Dr. appt and my mammo, both of which have already been re-sched. more than once. We are going to see how she and my dad do on their own with some help from MammaSmith.
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Update !: I'm in Nashville, enjoying being with family, except for the whole spending the days at the hospital dealing with medical people all day. My mother is getting her Aortic valve replaced, and we are up here for days of tests, and pre-screens and consults and "teaching."

Mother's surgery has been postponed until Thursday because her surgeon let himself get snow bound!

UPDATE on my Mother: Today (Jan 12) we had the final pre-surgery meeting with the surgeon.

Tomorrow we get there at 5:30AM, surgery at 8AM until 1PM-ish. I'll have my laptop at the hospital, and will try to remember to post updates to FaceBook as things happen.

Thank you to all the wonderful friends and family for the well-wishes and prayers I've received. And thanks in advance to all you wonderful other friends and family that I know will be doing the same, since I know things may get wild and I won't be able to let you know just how grateful I am for each and every one of you.
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My mother had a UPS incident over Thanksgiving. 

She was trying (as she has the past 10 years, to each of her older sisters, on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter) to send her sister a Honey Baked Turkey and pie.  My Aunt Robbie got hers overnight, as usual.  But not my Aunt Katherine. It didn't show and didn't show.  UPS kept claiming it delivered (on the website and on the phone too). 

Mother got worried about the stuff not still being edible after it had been missing for 48 hours, so she called Honey Baked, who said, no, if it shows up now, just throw it out without opening it, it was bad. Then they just said, let's send another (free of charge, expedited). 

So they did, and again mother tracked it to Laurel Miss., and onto the truck and allegedly delivered.  But nothing got to my Aunt Katherine.  And Mother argued vehemently with UPS.   Told them how her sister is an elderly woman in a wheelchair with nothing else to do but watch all day for the UPS truck.  That she lives on a one block street, with four houses, and that if the truck even turned down the street, everyone on the block would know it.  That if it had been delivered to any of my Aunt's neighbors, who have ALSO been living there for 30 years, they would have brought it right over.  She talked to several people, including getting the local Laural, MS station and talking to them there, and they just insisted it was delivered and not their problem. 

At which point my mother called Honey Baked again, and just started crying as she tried to tell them how rude UPS had been and how her poor elderly sister wasn't going to get her expected Thanksgiving turkey, dinner, etc.  Well the girl at Honey Baked (they have excellent ham, turkey, pies, and customer service by the way and I highly recommend them) offered to try again, but there was no way it would be delivered by T-day. And mother just said, no thanks, and she was sorry she lost it and cried.  And Honey Baked told her that, of course, they would not charge her anything for anything.

I told mother she needed to have cried when she talked to UPS and she said she just couldn't stand to call them one more time.

Then mysteriously, later that day, after business hours. and way after UPS normally gets to Aunt Katherine, the truck arrives with the Turkey. 

Mother knows that the driver ate the first turkey and was going to eat the other one, too.  That he got back to the station, where someone asked him about the delivery and he realized that stealing two was just too much to actually get away with, and "found" it on the truck and took it out to the house.

Now, he'll never get another chance, because it was Aunt Katherine's funeral I went to last month.

I always see the UPS truck coming,and I'm always quick to jump up and get the package.  Even if hes just left it on the porch and is walking away, I yell "Thanks!" My drivers (I've seen two different ones) know that I'm at home, that I see their trucks, and that boxes don't sit on my porch.  (I've always done this, even before the turkey incident.) Trust, but Verify. And let them be sure you're verifying.
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As a side note, I might add that it's not unusual to get a call from my mother that begins with some strange or interesting question on a point of trivia she can't remember or the name of a song she can only remember one line of, etc.

So my mother calls tonight, and the conversation starts with:

Granny:  in a business letter, what punctuation comes after the 'Dear Ms. Smith'?
me:  Uh, colon?  (the hesitation here is not because I'm unsure of the answer, but because I know this must be a trick question)
G:  yes!  (yells to my dad) Sherron knew!
me:  you know people who don't?
G:  only my secretary and our media/PR person, and every one else in the office I asked. 

    [Okay, we can discount most of the guys because they're the non-verbal, engineering types.  But none of the people who've been sending out letters and proposals and writing ads and articles for publication and copy for the website !?!]

me:  *speechless* (still convinced there's got to be a punchline)

Unfortunately it wasn't.  She told me the story of how she found this out about the PR woman, how she actually had to ARGUE the point with her, force her to change it in a cover letter going out on a very big proposal.  She worries that she hasn't been proofreading them before now, because who would suspect that a 45 year old woman with a degree in media communication would not know basic grammar?    She's aware it's a problem with a lot of the young people just coming out of college tho.  Just last week she threw out a resume she'd received because the job applicant misspelled something.  She says in this world, where there are plenty of applicants for every job, there's no point in even considering people sloppy or lazy or ignorant enough to not make sure their resume is perfect.

She wonders if she's a dinosaur. 

I'm sure we are, she and I.

And I hate that.

I've been thinking about [ profile] the_theorist 's comment about why would it matter if they get the point across.  And I acknowledge that one of the wonderful things about English is its flexibility, its easy acceptance of new words, etc.   But I think I have an answer to that, and I'm going to post it when I can clearly verbalize it

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Finally, we haved moved on to the wine and relax phase of the week.  It's been an overly eventful and not-quite-emergency filled week.  But we survived around here.

And my mother today, went to Lee's grave (Robert E.,for those who don't automatically know) and saluted the general.  Who knew. She's never expressed any interest in or knowledge of the Confederacy before.

She's touring Virginia, headed to Monticello, and having a blast, calling me every evening to report. 

Well, last night she called me to come up with the name, group, and more verses of that Vietnam-era song that has the line "Hey now, what's that sound, everybody look what's going 'round."  Remember she and my stepfather aren't that much older than me, so he was in the war, and I was around 7 at the time (they married when I was nine, my Dad was23).  But I was listening to their music.  She said of all the people she knew, she was certain I'd be able to tell her.  I said, "of course, mother dear, would you like me to play it for you?"

Anybody want to guess?  You have all the info I had, because she couldn't even sing the two lines she remembered.


Oh, and in the spirit of cross-generational music, my kids have also always listened to my music, which by the way is still popular, proof that they have come up with nothing worth listening to.  So, anyway, Thomas had overheard me repeat the two lines, and as the first two notes came out of my tiny little speakers, he said, "that's it."

And the winner is, For What it's Worth  by Buffalo Springfield.  Well, honestly, I couldn't remember the title, just that the title wasn't in the song.  And that I had it on iTunes, and it had something to do with Stephen Stills.  He wrote it for the group.  It was released in 1967, but was popular as a protest song for  the rest of the war. 

And yes, my mother often calls me up for the answer to just such trivia.  Often it is a crossword, but this one was just from the two of them being together in a car too many hours in one day.


May. 16th, 2008 12:49 am
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Just so everyone knows, I have now officially lost it.  It is now 37.5 hours until the baby graduates.  He's cool as a cucumber.  I, and the other mothers who are creating this graduation ceremony are are are frantic or more!  I haven't' really recovered from last week's big ASA teacher appreciation dinner.  And my mother has offered Thomas a better job than she was going to give him (more $$), but she wants him to start Monday.  I could use a week off before I have to go to Paris, TN and get Thomas settled into a new job, and oh, btw, while I'm there, she's hired a new part-time bookkeeper, and is training the front office girl to do some of billing, and needs me to run the front office while they're training her.  (I don't get paid, btw.  But I own stock, and it's better tax-wise if I put in enough hours every year to have "materially participated,"  so I go.)
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The weather people keep threatening dire and awful, but it's just gray so far.  A tornado did pass over my mother, but she's about 4 hours North of here. 

Hopefully, by the time Thomas and I get there it'll be cleared off.  We're going to see her 17 day old kittens.  7 of them!  (and two mama cats) She's had them since they were a week or 10 days old.  Their eyes were still closed.  She's just fostering them for some rescue agency that will come back and get them in a couple of months and then sell them at PetSmart.  It's perfect, she gets kittens and doesn't have to have 7 cats.


Sep. 30th, 2007 12:58 am
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I feel like shit this morning.  I know it's 1pm, and I've actually been up for 3 hours, but it still feels like morning to me. 

I've come to hate and dread the exercises I have to do at home for physical therapy.  They've gotten more serious now, and hurt, and make me sore.  Of course, there's always the possibility that I'm doing them wrong, too.  I see the guy tomorrow, I have a couple of questions to ask him. 

In the mean time, today's getting off to a slow start.  All the usual fun stuff.  Give the dogs pills, feed the birds, scoop the cat box.  Get Thomas (son #2) out of be and remind him to feed dogs and cats.  Check for email, delete spam.  Wonder if my son Mat (who's been in town all weekend) is going to bother to drop by before they leave town today.  Of course, he won't see his daddy, who is in a cave today, just like yesterday.

I did talk to my mother briefly.  She called and woke me up to complain about her joints and her doctor.  We're really a matched pair, except I like my doctor.  And I'm a little less of a pessimist about most things.

Blah blah blah.


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