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Saturday was just beautiful.  The kind of weather you wish it always could be.  Sunny, 74°, low humidity, very light breeze.  The kind of weather you could get out in and do some garden work and not get all sticky with sweat. 

So that's how I spent the afternoon, clearing out the flower bed.  Every fall the many trees in my yard "give" me plenty of leaves, which I leave (pun, tee hee) in the garden.  But come spring, the irises want their little rhizomes uncovered.  So Thomas and I raked and hand-raked and swept, and generally moved leaves around.  We couldn't just rake, because not only are the irises sprouted, the buttercups have been in full bloom for a while now, and are easy to break with a rake.  So you have to get down on hands and knees and pull everything from around them by hand. We used some of the piles of leaves (well, mostly leaf pieces by this time of the year, actually, well on the way to compost) to fill in holes, with old compost on top to keep them from spreading back around with the wind.  I also knew it was going to rain Sunday, which would help settle everything down.  We also dug up all the stepping stones, which have a way of sinking over a year or two, and build up the ground underneath and around them.  At one point we got tired and decided it was time for a break.  We sat on the front steps, drinking our Dr. Peppers, watching the cars go by.  It was practically a Hallmark moment. 

We found one of the Easter Lilies has sprouted.  It told it to hurry up, but there's no way it'll be big enough to even have buds by Easter.  So we have purple crocuses, three different types of buttercups, and purple grape hyacinth, and a little bit of white hyacinth already blooming.  The irises, a wild rose, and the day lilies are up and green, and the peonies and one Easter lily are up above ground.  The forsythia and red buds have started to bloom.  The maples and hackberry trees have buds.

So, what is it doing today?

Snowing of course.  Snowing heavily. With big flakes.  It's not below freezing, so the snow is melting as soon as it hits the ground, but it sure is wild to watch!


Jan. 27th, 2010 09:33 am
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well, frost!

I actually had to use my credit card on my windshield to scrape it off. No, I do not own an ice scraper; it's rare that I can't just use the wipers to remove the melting frost by the time I get into the car, after the sun is up.
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(Actually written last week)

Okay, You know how I go on and on about my long term hoo-ha with migraines.

Well, I've pretty much had a headache since New Year's Eve morning. Not necessarily a migraine, and there were one or two days in there where it was barely noticeable. Some days I was convinced it was "just" sinus. Although, I have to be careful, because ANY kind of headache can be a "trigger" for a M. But many of those days I have woken up in full blown "my head has exploded and I can't find all the pieces" mode. Dizzy, nauseous, weak, pain that goes all the way out my left arm to my fingers, my whole left side tingles, I can't concentrate, light hurts, noise hurts, lifting my head from the pillow is almost impossible. And yes, I tried all the obvious, including heat, ice, stretching, lying still, ignoring it (definitely NOT a good call), Maxalt, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, aspirin, acetaminophen, caffeine, Sudafed, guaifenesin, chocolate, wine, and tequila. Not all at the same time of course, but separately and in various combinations. I’ve had good luck with treating migraines with red wine and chocolate. Yes, I know those are both classic triggers, but once you’ve already got the headache, what’s to trigger? Turns out it helps, often. But nothing is touching this stuff. In fact, three shots of tequila, and I was not only still in quite a bit of pain, I was still distressingly sober, which I should not have been after that much alcohol.

I finally decided to go to the doctor. If it is just really bad sinus, maybe some bacteria I got in Mexico that I'm not fighting off well, etc, maybe they can help. So I go in, tell my sad tale of woe, request a sinus X-ray, etc. Well, the Nurse Practitioner that I'm seeing thinks maybe an MRI wouldn't be completely out of the question, either. Can't we spot sinus infection on an X-ray? yes, but, migraine, blah blah something. Have I mentioned that I haven't been thinking clearly or remembering well? So the X-ray looks like yeah, a little infection, sorta looks like it's just starting though (or just getting over it? It HAS been two weeks), but she's going to write me a 10 day script for Augmentin or something, and give me a steroid shot in the butt. And schedule the MRI for Friday.

While I’m sitting there, I have an epiphany about, “What if the headache isn’t the defining symptom? What if my headache is coincidental or along with? And my neck hurts. What if that NECK thing, which connects the two body parts (head and arm) where the two major pains are, is important?

So my chiropractor is in and can see me. After finding out that I’d been in Mexico, he was very interested in the fact that we DROVE for 35 hours to get home. Seems being in a car that long is not good for backs, necks, etc. And yes, that could be a sinus headache I’m having, but it’s also a common area for neck pain to be “referred” to. He puts a heating pad behind me hooks me up to the electric buzzer torture thing (which is actually quite a pleasant sensation) to stimulate the muscles and get them to loosen up. Then after that he “broke” me. I was a little afraid to move, the crack in my neck sounded like I’d been seriously broken. Apparently it was broken free, though. I felt somewhat better.

By Thursday morning, with more heating pad and stretching stuff on my own, I felt fairly decent. Just sort of congested, with pressure on my head, and achy.

We drove to Laurel MS for my Aunt Katherine’s funeral on Friday. A sad but not traumatic affair. She was 76, and had been wheelchair bound for some time after a stroke. But with the going back and forth from and to the church, the cemetery, the church, the hotel, the house, and back home, we ended up spending most of Friday in the car.

Saturday I woke up in agony. One of the top three worst of the last three weeks. Saturday was a loss, I don’t even remember that much of it. Sunday was less bad.

Monday I got to see Kyle (my chiropractor) in the morning, before I went to get my MRI in the afternoon. I also was there Thursday. He puts me on the electrical stimulation machine, along with heat pads, and does some loosen and “cracking” stuff, and it seems to help. Plus I’m doing heat and stretching at home.

I just can’t seem to get things right though.

Last night I had a terrible headache despite seeing Kyle in the morning, and being on day 8 of the antibiotics, and being loaded up on the decongestants. I was really feeling sorry for myself, when the tornado sirens went off. AH HA! I said! It’s not me! My very pressure-sensitive sinuses are just doing what they do when we get bad-weather sudden pressure changes. I immediately felt better, at least mentally. Oh, and the tornado wasn’t in my part of town, although there were a couple of touchdowns, some damage, and power outages.

So, anyway, which is it, the headache? Migraine, brain cysts, sinus, neck pinch, storms? Seems like the answer may depend on what you're looking for, what your paradigm filter is.
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And God said, "Stand back, I'm gonna make it rain!"

Shelby and I were at HeartMender's Horse Barn, where he's volunteering and learning about horses.  Then one of the barn people (Debbie) said that weather was coming, from the direction of my house, but not there yet, and she was sending us home then, before it got there, or worse, between home and the barn and I'd be driving through it.  So we drove home and got there just barely before the storm hit and the sirens started going off.  This was moments before 5.  And neither Mark nor Thomas were home, although Mark pulled up right about then. 

I knew Thomas was on campus at a meeting for Aspergers students, scheduled from 4-5pm.  Mark said don't worry, the people in charge would keep all the group there, blah blah.  yeah right, I believed that.  So I was calling T's cell, and not getting through (there area lot of buildings at UAH where you can't get reception -- good concrete) and then about 5:15, right as we began to hear about an actual tornado being spotted not too far north of the house, and our area went from watch to warning, I got him.  He's in the car, half way home!  I (knowing I must not scream or be scary) apprised him of the situation, and said, "well, keep watching, hurry but drive carefully, and DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER NORTH!"

Of course, all was eventually well, that tornado kept moving north and and any others spotted weren't that close.  But the weather continued to be way too exciting until after midnight.

 I went ahead and went to my auxiliary meeting, since there was a long break between the first line and the next one coming across the Mississippi line.  There were four of us, the really hardcore moms.  We'd been calling around and I'd said that if I didn't actually see a tornado, I was going!  (What? I should miss an opportunity to be out of the house, without the boys and around other women? I think not!)  One of our AS sons, who is all about weather, was supposed to call if it looked dangerous where we were, etc.  Right about the time we were wrapping up, we looked outside, through one of the two floor to ceiling glass walls (we were meeting at a Jason's Deli), and it looked just like it had looked earlier at home.  So Linda called her boy the weather geek, and asked, "hey, uh,??"  He said it had been just really bad thunderstorms as it moved across Madison and into Huntsville, and had just that minute, as Linda was calling, started "producing rotation" and the sirens went off while they were talking (he could hear them, we could not) but that the danger was really just past us (barely) and headed for East and South Huntsville.  He instructed us to sit there a little while longer and wait for the rain to abate and then we could drive home.  (Well, I guess it was his area of expertise, and we had called, so acting as an authority figure to the moms wasn't too far a stretch.) 

The Epilogue:  Thomas read his email today and got the notice from the UAH campus warning system that they were now under a tornado warning.  That was Weds.  He read the message Saturday.  Working like a charm, I'd say.

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No, not panicking here.  1 hour and 34 minutes. Then no live journal.  Reading like a crazy person.

Also, at 8am, it's still only 33°.  Gaack.   We were all still in denial about the impending cold, telling ourselves the 50's would last, but now it's time to dig out the jackets. 

Or in Shelby's case go buy the child one.  I can't believe DHR sent him here practically naked.  It's not as if they pulled him out of a meth house in the middle of the night, and couldn't take anything with them.  He's been in "care" (they call it) for 10 Years! I understand why this last foster home didn't buy anything, they only took him as an emergency and knew he wouldn't be there too long.  But before that he spent 2 years in a children's group home.  They didn't have time to buy him one shirt that actually fits?  And he's 19.5 years old.  He's been out of that teenage boy grow fast stage for at least 2 years, probably 3.  Grrr.

2 pairs of blue jeans
1  pair long pants with the button torn out,
2 shirts, neither of which really fit him, the buttons are straining and the sleeves aren't long enough for him to wear comfortably (so really no shirts)
2 T-shirts, one of which we bought for him on one of the weekend visits.
1 pair sports shorts, which he will never leave my house in, just gross
1 pair shoes, almost completely worn out. (I've already bought a good pair of athletic shoes, $130 - extra large, ya know)
3 pairs of sock, one of which actually fit him.
5 pairs of underwear, one of which he says is not his.

Oh, but all the kids at the group home got iPod shuffles for Christmas.
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"I was born for the storm, and a calm does not suit me."  Andrew Jackson

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It's been so beautiful for the last few days that I thought it was really finally here.  In fact, I gave in to the finches and hung their cage outside yesterday.  Then the wind came up, and the temperature went down, and I had to bring the girls back in to keep them from freezing overnight.  We were all disappointed.


Jan. 16th, 2008 06:40 pm
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Big Fluffy wet flakes, coming down fairly steadily!  Almost a blizzard, for No. AL. Of course, it's above freezing, so it's only "sticking" to mailboxes and decks and tall grass, but it's just fun to even watch fall.

And, when I pointed it out to the girl at the Burger King, she said, "yeah, that's what you people call it." 

I said, "you're from one of those cold places, aren't you."
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I knew it!

Just as soon as I break down and turn the heat on, it warms back up! It's been cold and wet and miserable for the last week. Do I turn the heat on? Noooo, I just keep saying, not yet, it'll warm back up -- after all, up until the last few days we've had the windows open, and in the afternoon, the house was getting stuffy/warm. So, just this morning, I flip the switch. Of course, it is now a sunny, wonderful, practically perfect 72F. Shirtsleeve weather. I have the door open.


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