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I'm going to write something every day.  Warning, those of you who read this, I'm sure that will guarantee at least some really bad entries.  Similar to this one.

Sometimes I don't write, because I think, "Who cares? No one wants to read that, or will."  Sometimes I don't write because I'm afraid someone might read it.  Maybe in both cases I'm just lazy and rationalizing.

Rook wrote me a story.  I gave her a plot bunny, basically the song, "Behind Blue Eyes" by the Who, especially the line, "My love is vengeance, that's never free."  She wrote a perfect Henry/Christina story from it.  I'm savoring it just to myself now, but I'll probably let her publish it somewhere too.
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cadged from
[ profile] evdokya 

Sherron Lucile O.

Current location:
Madison AL, for the last 15 years, after a lot of moves

Knoxville, TN, USA

I'm still holding on to 42  (for the last 5 years)

Star sign:
Virgo, because the Zodiac has a sense of irony

First language: Southern English

Speaks:  English -- you know, American and all.  I've studied and can get the occasional phrase in: Spanish, Latin, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and about 3 Russian phrases.  I'm a language dabbler.  I more enjoy studying about Languages than actually learning them.

Hair: mouse brown, with the occasional strand of silver  (ah, for those teenage days, when my hair was still the blonde like my little boys' hair in my icon!)
Eyecolor: greenish?  hazel?
Favorite color: Moody Blues?   nah, it's RED!

Work: still mom/foster mom,
wife, run the household, etc.  Also Secretary for the local chapter of the Autism Society of America, full time Blood Ties lover :)

Academics: Lots of schools, lots of education, lots of majors, can't stick with anything long enough to get a 'degree' altho I actually have enough hours to have gotten both a BS and a BA, maybe a masters, too.  I know just enough (about anything, you name it -- psych, English, quantum physics, religion, architecture, etc) to be dangerous.  And I love to keep on learning.  That's part of why homeschooling the boys all these years has been so fun.

Readings: Almost anything fiction or non fiction, I used to be heavily into SciFi, but lately I've slipped over into more of other stuff like Vampires and murder mysteries, good poetry of any kind, fanfic
Music: classic rock, some contemporary stuff, some country and gospel, classical if Thomas is playing it on the piano.  Mostly I like anything that I can sing along with.

Original fiction: none.  I do letters, nonfic, some poetry, but I rely on Evdokya and others for the fic!

Fell in love with Blood Ties: at first site... of Henry's smile, of course
Fav BT character: Henry... and Mike
Fav BT moment: one moment?  you're kidding!  Depends on what I'm feeling.  Comic?  When Vicki catches Mike and Henry together and they try to play innocent.  Dark?  The end of Heart of Fire -- from "I confess, I confess, . . . I confess" to Henry reciting th e blessing for meals as he drags the monsignoir off, to the end.  Other? -- The first time we see Henry, the feeding scene.  Now that's erotica!
Fav BT ep: 5:55
Fav BT fic:
I'm not into starting feuds, so I'm not saying!

Fav BT vid:
I can't pick one of these either.  I've seen several really great ones

Fav BT quote: I very much like vika's fav, and for the same reason {"I chose to give my life to be with the woman I loved. I chose to experience hundreds of years of human history. And every time I feed, I am choosing to live. What is your choice, Vicki?"  (Henry Fitzroy) - most telling Henry quote in my opinion} 
And also one of the most telling set of quotes about Mike and Vik
i: Vicki - "I can take care of myself."   Mike - "Garbage can.  Twelve o'clock"
And of course the funny ones:  Mike: Why can't we just once have a God of... oh, I dunno... let's say, fluffy bunnies and long walks holding hands?
And the juicy ones: Henry:
My neck wasn't the only place she put her mouth.

Fav Blood Book: Each of them was my fav for different reasons, like for getting to know Henry, or seeing intoerplay between Mike and Henry, but I guess my overall fav is the first, Blood Price
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AACK.  --Just a few of the current tornadoes in my life right now:
FAFSA   -- Is there anyone else out there in college or sending someone to college who can identify?
ASA      --  Autism Society of America
ASA      --  Autism Society of Alabama  (the Birmingham chapter of the ASA -- what were they thinking? I never know who I mean)
NAASA -- chapter 101, the North AL chapter,  the one I'm the secretary of.
    5th annual Teacher Appreciation Dinner.
       make and send out invitations, both email, and nice cards
       keep track of reservations
       get donations for door prizes
       contact local providers and arrange for information booths at dinner
       send nice thank you letters to donors of door prizes
    Easter Egg Hunt (leftovers)  deliver photos of kids with Bunny, ask permission to use on site.
    Sell tickets for Belk's Charity Sale  (the chapter gets to keep all $5 of the price of the ticket, and the buyer gets $5 off their first purchase the             day of the sale.  And any charity can sign up to sell tickets.  Belk is doing good works in the community)
    Make Yahoo group for local chapter
    Find someone to make a website.
    oh yeah, attend meetings, do minutes
Autism Speaks  (but not for most Autistics)  Just make me crazy.  Bite tongue, do not rant about "curebies"
IDEA         (Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act)  -  learning to advocate for others
IEP      Individual Education Plan -- what special Ed students allegedly get in Public School  (per IDEA)
FAPE  Free Appropriate Public Education  yeah, right, see above.
ASYPSG     Thomas's ASperger's social group
Asperger's Luncheon - monthly support group I'm in charge of, and need to send reminders for.
ADA         (not the dentists - the Americans with Disabilities Act)
Franklin School
    teach lit group this month, teacher's aide often
    member of Parent Executive Board
    Diploma Reviews coming up - 9 kids this year, plus presentation by Thomas (senior project)
    Graduation 2008 - Thomas and four girls, May 17
       make poster on Snapfish
       pay Julie for M&Ms
       meeting Monday at venue
       what am I bringing for snack?
       Borrow Christine's commercial coffepot
    Yearbook - send pics of Thomas at events to editor (find?)
    Thomas's Senior pictures - decide on which, and order in time to get in yearbook
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In our biggest undertaking yet as a fan base we are going to place an ad in a major entertainment trade publication online. The goal of this ad is to attract investors and/or networks to a popular show that already has an involved fan base. What we need right now is for anyone who is interested in helping with this to go to and show your support. Once we have enough people supporting this, the artwork will be revealed and the pay pal account where money can be sent. If you have any questions please visit This is the group that is organizing this:
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Watching and taping (burning?)  Blood Ties on LRW.  "Stone Cold"  Not my absolute favorite, but it has several good moments.
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Everyone remember that on Lifetime Real Women (available on digital cable only) Lifetime will be running episode 5."Deadly Departed," tonight, at 10pm EST. Episode 6. "Love Hurts" will run tomorrow night, Sunday, at 10pm EST on LRW. All of those who DON"T get this channel, should be right there, online, at Lifetime, letting them know that you WOULD be watching, if you could.

(Cross-posting like a mad thing)
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Bad Juju tonight.  honestly, not my favorite episode.  But lots of good moments.  I've always loved that moment when Vickie walks out of the office, and Henry doesn't follow until Coreen "eye's" him to go, and as he leaves, he does that face and that slam the door/open hand thing.  So clearly the "I am not used to being ordered around and don't intend to learn to like it."
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Good and Bad.

I had technical difficulties, my cable-DVR-TV hook-up is WAY too complicated.  So, I missed the tease and the first few minutes.  Unfortunately that includes that wonderfully erotic scene with Henry and Sandra.

The good news is I got the rest of the ep in wonderful resolution, and with closed captioning intact.  And I've got the system down so I will get all of tomorrow's and the rest.
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The Manic: 

1.    7 hours and 18 minutes until I get to watch Blood Price I on TV.  I like that I bought the iTunes versions, but they really only look good on the computer screen.  Going up to my TV size makes them not quite right. And there's that whole lack of closed captioning thing  And I will capture it on a DVD.

Manic 2.  Thomas retook the ACT today and finished the Math section! (his lowest score before because he ran out of time).  Now as long as he stayed the same or close in other subjects, his overall score should go up. One more point could mean thousands of dollars of scholarship money.  He's already been awarded UAH's second highest scholarship, and was one point away from the full tuition one.  Crossed fingers.

The Depressive:
I'm past the PMS.  Sounds like that should be above, no?  No.  The "M" is definitely worse than the Pre-M. 

At least I do NOT have a Migraine.  Maybe I shouldn't mention it...


Jan. 29th, 2008 07:43 pm
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I had something witty to say, and something interesting to talk about, but it plum escapes me now....

I'm helping with the Blood Ties campaign.  Wrote some postcard to LT today, voting like a crazy person at and at 

And trying not to gloat because my cable company has LifeTime Real Women as one of its digital channels, and the upgrade was only $4 more a month, and so now only 11 days until I get to see the Blood Ties shows on the big screen, and tape them, so I can get the closed captioning.  It really irritated me to find out tnat the iTunes version of the Blood Ties episodes did not have closed captioning.  They are being broadcast with the cc.

There's a new House tonight.  That's something.
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I'm usually the last to know, but somehow today, through Lifetime, I think, I stumbled into a Yahoo save BT Group, that is supposed to be doing organized letter writing, and then this link at a Site called "Save my Show .com"  where you can vote "Air" or "cancel" on most any show.  They have them grouped by network.  I went through and voted for all the ones I really like (Bones, BT, etc) and against a few I really think pull down the public IQ (Dance Wars, King of the Hill).

Lifetime is under "Other" networks, so the direct link to vote on BT is:
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I don't have any idea what these accomplish, but here's another petition. Do these actually ever go anywhere? Does anyone know?  Save Blood Ties Petition

Then there's this fun map thing, which I'm supposed to be able to post here, but can't, but it's a Fan Map of Blood Ties fans at:
Blood Ties Map of Fans

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I know it's probably hopeless, but on the theory that money talks, and what they want by teasing us with the re-run being on their other channel, (that, looking over the line-up, NEEDS serious help) is for us to try that one too, I wrote in their feedback section:

"If you announce or advertise that you have picked up Blood Ties for another season, I will contact my cable carrier that same day and pay the extra to get digital cable and a hundred other stations I don't need, just so I can watch Blood Ties on LRW."

Worth a shot. Maybe I'll send the same on a postcard.
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Well, for a change the iTunes episode is up promptly. Strangely, it has no "popularity rating" or else, everyone hated it. I've been watching the pop ratings, and starting with this season, each episode is twice as high as the last. Maybe there's just no rating YET.

I keep trying to record the episodes at home, and the fates are against me. Every week it's been some DIFFERENT "failure" like last week my husband just cut it off right before time and I didn't notice. I still haven't figured out what went wrong this week, but Obviously I am too stupid to be trusted with electronics.
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For those whom I know have been sitting on the edge of your seats, worrying that I may never get "Wild Blood" from iTunes, I did. I was on my way to bed, and checked just one last time, and there it was! Of course, I was on the wrong computer, so I had to run to the other room, boot up, start iTunes, deal with their cumbersome interface, and at last, gain my prize. What a relief.
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There I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday, because it was educator appreciation week (25% off with the teacher card -- I'll miss that discount when Thomas graduates) and I wander over to SciFi/Fantasy, and there are all Tanya Huff's Blood Books, re-released, with stills from the shows as covers. Like I didn't just buy the books last Spring when I first discovered the show was based on books. I tried THREE TIMES to walk away. Then I just ran back and bought all of them, plus the two "Tony" books (Smoke and Mirrors and Smoke and ...?). I haven't read the Smoke books, because honestly Tony was never my favorite character. But I went ahead and bought them and I'll read them just for Henry's appearances. Thank goodness for Fanfic. I'm glad I tried it and found out that it can be GOOD writing, as opposed to what I'd been exposed to before. Between us, Thomas and I spent $100. We really need to get back to our 12 step program in Bookaholics anonymous. But, since the discount didn't have to be on educational stuff this one week, we got a whole big bag of books. --For about the price of ONE textbook. Textbooks are such a scam.
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There I was being a good little TV viewer, and not buying this week's episode until I watched it first on Lifetime, and went right after to buy it, and it's "not available" WTF?? They streamed a little message on the bottom of the screen, "now available", so I'm just hoping they are overwhelmed and not keeping up with requests.

I did accidentally tape it, too, so that's good. I was curious about closed captioning, since the iTunes ones don't have it. It did come up on my TV while I was watching live, so I'll see if my tape catches it.

Blood Ties

Oct. 11th, 2007 12:33 am
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EEEK!  I just found out Blood Ties episode 13 (this "season's" premiere) is available on iTunes right NOW!  I miss four days on the internet, and all kinds of things happen!
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46 hours and counting down until the new episode of Blood Ties!

No more major shoes purchases in the last few days.  Lots of time spent at UAH figuring out Mathematica.  Russian was canceled this week.

Had PT on Monday and I'm supposed to go tomorrow, but they just make me run through the same exercises I've supposed to have been doing at home, then add one.  I did them Monday and some on Tues, but I've been too tired today.  I think I need a full week with them.  I'm going to call and postpone until Monday.

We did all eat out at the new Rosie's on Monday night.  Thomas and I were just driving home after about 3 hours in the Physics computer lab, and called Mark and he met us there.  It was great.

I stayed up last night until 3 this morning, so I've been dragging.  I actually took a nap after supper for about an hour.  I won't be up that late tonight!

Tomorrow we go back to Christine's for Archery.

Oh, and after violin today, Thomas wanted to look at mandolins.  His teacher was telling him how easy it is to learn for someone who can play either violin or viola, since all three are laid out and tuned the same(in fifths). Guitars are different.  I need to make him get back on the piano some. Like I need to let him get started on another instrument now!!
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Today after violin lessons Thomas and I went to the mall again.  I was looking for a good bra, and an opportunity to use my "Belk Bucks".  I didn't find a bra, but got some other stuff in that department.  Then we had to have Cinnabons again, and he wanted to go look at the music store.  So on the way there, I saw and tried on the most beautiful pair of high heeled, knee-high, red leather boots!  I want them very much.  But, what would I wear them with?  Just hide them under my blue jeans?  For $80?  I think not.  So I passed.  But I'm thinking about them, and what you'd wear with them.  They might substitute for the Red Jag?

Okay, in other news...

I'm reading a crime drama, Running Blind by Lee Child.  It's not bad.  Not a genre I ever saw myself getting into, but Mother keeps giving me all these books, and next thing you know, I'm hooked.  Of course, I'll almost read anything.  Not harlequins, and not that grim stuff that Oprah pushes, and I hated the half of Running with Scissors that I  made it through, but I did try to read it. 

And of course, I spend hours searching out and reading Blood Ties fanfic.  I am truly obsessed.


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