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I've been trying to find a moment to write something, between headaches.  (both sinus and migraine, and sometimes migraine triggered by sinus, and sometimes I just wake up with both!)

I have some good things going on, Larry and I are finally getting serious and started on me being the N. AL branch office of L. I. Smith & Assoc.  I actually went to my first pre-bid meeting, and  got a very large company to ask us for bids (as subs) on two jobs here in Madison county that they are bidding on.  Pretty cool for my first time out.

Now if I just had more than two or three days a week where I felt human, I could probably go out and make some money!

I've been back to the doctor, who is sending me and my MRI to a neurologist, and also to an allergist to see if something might be done on that front to help my constant sinusitis. She also drew a couple of pints of blood to check everything you can check, from folate, to hormones, to thyroid, to Epstein-Barre, to calcium.  I also got new glasses yesterday.  I've been going to my chiropractor, who makes me feel better in my neck and back, but isn't actually helping the headaches.  I'm trying every thing on every front I can.

I also am making the permanent change to a nurse-practitioner in the office with a doctor I used to use years ago.  I had changed to another doctor who was more open to alternative medicine about 7 years ago, but she's cut back to being a part time doctor and moved to a clinic in another town, about 45 minutes away.  She's hard to get in to see, and the office is a nightmare to deal with.  So I'm back to my original doctor's office where I started out when I first moved to AL.  {Mark and the boys have stayed with her all this time.  Mark is not open to alternative medicine either, And none of the guys is hardly ever sick anyway.  The last time Thomas was at a doctor was for a physical, two years ago when we were jumping through all those hoops for DHR to become foster parents.  Before that, probably the physical for Boy Scout Camp.}  Anyway, the point is that she's changed me from the Armour Thyroid, which Armour is no longer making, and I was having to have compounded, and have been without for nearly three weeks, to Synthroid.  Which may at least help with how tired and cold I've been the last few weeks.

I'm getting demoralized about the whole thing, as you might imagine.

My life has turned into one of those "you had to be there" jokes.
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At 3:11 this morning I was wide awake, and hungry.  So much so that I just got up and ate a bowl of cereal and read some. Then, at about four, still quite awake, I decided that if I didn't get to bed before daylight, I wouldn't get to bed, and that maybe 4 hours wasn't quite enough sleep.  So I went back to sleep, and woke up again exactly 4 hours later.  I've had this happen to me before.  Back in college I went through a phase (almost a year) where I could only sleep 4 hours at a time.  So I slept from 4 to 8.  Both of them.  And honestly, that evening 4 to 8 is a really droopy time for me right now.  I could easily fall asleep.  And having to eat a family dinner in the middle of that time is not good, I'm not hungry. And I perk back up for the late evening hours.

Oh, and I also woke up with a migraine.

Whine whine whine.  I'm sure you're interested.
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Oh, definitely the PMS.  I've moved on to the Hershey bar with wine, at 3pm.  And Bitchy.  Supper?  Live if you can.

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When I was whining yesterday about all I'm doing, I kept thinking, that doesn't seem too bad, why can't I handle it? What am I forgetting?

Then this morning it hit me -- Graduation! I guess I'm in deeper denial than I thought. I don't just have to send out invitations and attend, remember, I, and five other adults are CREATING a graduation ceremony. This is Franklin school's first. We've had to do everything from find a venue to make programs. And there's a post ceremony party to plan too. Food, paper plates, drinks, entertainment.

Then there's all that college and scholarship application stuff, and the FAFSA (which I had to finish my taxes in order to fill out), and decisions about summer (work, or get a jump start on classes), and register for college orientation, and this is just Thomas!

For Mat I also have to fill out the FAFSA (every year, to keep his scholarship, even tho, other than that, I know we only qualify for loans with interest rates only some better than credit cards!) Suffer through the agony of finals, make him make all those dental and doctor appts. he missed during the school year, do the same Job vs. Summer school agonizing, it goes on.
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It's a helluva day.

First off I'm still not recovered from the 23 hour day.

Then, I have to go to the dentist, just for cleaning, but I live in fear he'll look in there and decide to fix something else. All was well.

I went to Walgreen's to try to get them to donate a couple of toys for prizes for the Egg hunt for Autistic kids that we're doing. I'd been there Friday night and the little boy managing at night said, "sure, we do that, just bring in something on a letterhead and talk to an executive manager. So I go to all that trouble typing up a letter on our letterhead, and the manager this morning said no, we only give corporately. I said well, since the little toys I was asking for are only 2 for $8.99, I'll just spring for them myself. It's not like I was asking Walgreen's for a shopping cart full of chocolate or something.

This afternoon Thomas and I go to see our psychpro. She's nice enough, but it's a nuisance.

Then, after that, since I'm feeling pissy, I'm going over to the resource center and confronting Dianna about the clarinet business. If she's there. Her daughter is scheduled for classes, but she might get a ride with someone else.

AND the damn brand new dishwasher is broken!!. 12 days after installation, a bowl bumps the top sprayer arm and it pops right off. Someone's coming to fix it, after he gets the part, which will be 5 days. This only took 7 phone calls and one transfer (not counting all the "menus") to achieve.
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I finally broke down and told Mark last night, because I couldn't stand it, (it's awful when your husband is on of your best friends, and you're used to doing your complaining and thinking with him) and it really pissed him off.  He said, "You know, after Katrina, we gave away that car that was worth more than that [not a lot more, it was prob worth about $2000] to that young girl from Louisiana, and I thought nothing of it.  But she REALLY needed the car, and was in bad circumstances, and we really wanted to get down to two cars instead of three for insurance purposes.  We didn't have to sell the clarinet, and she didn't have to have it."  And I agree.  So, I think I'm just going to tell the story around too. She told it the first time in front of at least 4 other people, so it's not like I'll be complaining behind her back.  Let our peers decide how they feel about it.
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Okay, I'm dreading tomorrow.  It's going to be one of those hellatiously busy days where I have no time to think hardly, and I prove that I have no life of my own.

I get up two hours earlier than I like  --7am--  to drive 40mins to take Thomas to Calculus (9-10:40) .  Sit in the Lobby of the Math & Science Bldg (no wifi) and wait.  Maybe get a little paperwork done.  Drive home, usually there by 11:15. Eat lunch. Teach Thomas & do housework.  Take Thomas to the school for band practice 4-5:00.  Drop Thomas at home, drive into town (40mins) to be at the Autism Society by 6.  I wish it wasn't so traumatic for him to drive.  But anyway, I'm just whiny tonight.

But Friday I can sleep late, I just have to make Thomas study and practice violin, and don't have to go anywhere until the Asperger's moms' meeting for supper.

Saturday, again with the getting up early, to get into town by 8, for an SCA event.  Thomas's teacher and some other students are playing Medieval music during the feast (wearing Medieval Garb).  We're going early so Thomas can go to an arrow-making class.  I've got to take a camera.
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For those whom I know have been sitting on the edge of your seats, worrying that I may never get "Wild Blood" from iTunes, I did. I was on my way to bed, and checked just one last time, and there it was! Of course, I was on the wrong computer, so I had to run to the other room, boot up, start iTunes, deal with their cumbersome interface, and at last, gain my prize. What a relief.


Sep. 30th, 2007 12:58 am
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I feel like shit this morning.  I know it's 1pm, and I've actually been up for 3 hours, but it still feels like morning to me. 

I've come to hate and dread the exercises I have to do at home for physical therapy.  They've gotten more serious now, and hurt, and make me sore.  Of course, there's always the possibility that I'm doing them wrong, too.  I see the guy tomorrow, I have a couple of questions to ask him. 

In the mean time, today's getting off to a slow start.  All the usual fun stuff.  Give the dogs pills, feed the birds, scoop the cat box.  Get Thomas (son #2) out of be and remind him to feed dogs and cats.  Check for email, delete spam.  Wonder if my son Mat (who's been in town all weekend) is going to bother to drop by before they leave town today.  Of course, he won't see his daddy, who is in a cave today, just like yesterday.

I did talk to my mother briefly.  She called and woke me up to complain about her joints and her doctor.  We're really a matched pair, except I like my doctor.  And I'm a little less of a pessimist about most things.

Blah blah blah.


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