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My boys are both Bouncing for Autism this month.

It's a joint fund-raising venture between the Autism Society of America, and the franchise chain, Pump It Up. 

The kids get pledges, and get to bounce to earn them.  Half of the money goes to the National ASA, and half stays right here locally.  It's a shameless fundraiser, but if you're curious, it's also a chance to check out two big pieces of my life, pictures included.  And if you choose to sponsor one or the other of them, that's sublime.

The boys' pages:

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Saturday was a lovely, long day, which included both the Walk for Autism, and the Moon Buggy Races at the Space & Rocket center. 

This was the first walk I've been to, and I was very impressed with the number of people and vendors there.  For the price of registration, you could get hamburgers or hotdogs from O' Charley's, and a bag of chip or two from another sponsor, and popcorn, and pizza, and smoothies.  And every body got a t-shirt, of course.  We didn't walk, I was just there to drop off some flyers and meet some people.  The boys seemed to enjoy the food.  Then we were there at the end so we helped with break down and clean up.  Lift those sodas, move those tables, wait! don't take the tent down until everything's out from under it!

The moonbuggy race was interesting, in a trainwreck sort of way.  The 'buggy' is actually something on 4 bicycle tires, with two riders, and the race is an obstacle course they go on one at a time.  Over fake craters, rilles, moondust (sand), and other uneven gound both uphill and down.  We saw three teams and not one of them made it to the finish without one of the drivers having to get out and push.  One team we didn't see race was wearing t-shirts that read, "honk if you see parts falling off."  Everyone was in high spirits.  There were teams from as far away as India and Germany, and as close as right here in town.  More info at<> Pictures from last year's race are at<>

Shelby was more awed by the missles and rockets and the space shuttle model.  They'd added a lot more since the last time I'd been there.  Since the course was all through the outdoor exhibits, we got to see all of that part of the Space & Rocket Center.  And since tickets run $30 each, that was quite a bonus.


May. 16th, 2008 12:49 am
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Just so everyone knows, I have now officially lost it.  It is now 37.5 hours until the baby graduates.  He's cool as a cucumber.  I, and the other mothers who are creating this graduation ceremony are are are frantic or more!  I haven't' really recovered from last week's big ASA teacher appreciation dinner.  And my mother has offered Thomas a better job than she was going to give him (more $$), but she wants him to start Monday.  I could use a week off before I have to go to Paris, TN and get Thomas settled into a new job, and oh, btw, while I'm there, she's hired a new part-time bookkeeper, and is training the front office girl to do some of billing, and needs me to run the front office while they're training her.  (I don't get paid, btw.  But I own stock, and it's better tax-wise if I put in enough hours every year to have "materially participated,"  so I go.)
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I remember back in January I was going to keep track of all the books I read this year. Somehow I've not been doing that. Not that I've read anything worth listing. Murder mysteries, etc. Probably some of the best stuff I've read this year has been fan fiction.

I've got to cut back somewhere. It's all good stuff, and I love doing it, but I'm strung out a bit thin. But what to trim? I'm to the point of having to consider cutting one of the fun or rewarding things. I've already tried giving up all the ucky stuff I'd give up at the least excuse. I tried giving up cooking and laundry, but it didn't create enough free space, and Mark thought I no longer loved him. So I'm doing the laundry again. Cooking I'm still stalling about. And I do almost no cleaning. I hired a young girl to come in once a week. It helps, but not enough.

So what's going to go? The work for the Autism Society is definitely the most time consuming, and not the most predictable. I get caught on the phone, or yesterday someone stopped in to pick up something and stayed for an hour asking me questions and for advice. But I love it. And I'm making a difference in people's lives. Schooling Thomas takes almost no time now. Being online and reading fanfic is simply NOT on the table. Working at the Homeschool is also very rewarding, and keeps me around young people. And a great many of my friends are there. I don't know.

A good day

Apr. 28th, 2008 08:34 pm
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I'm just settling down for the evening with a glass of wine. It's been a good day today. I got lots done, and about 90% of actually done were actually on the list, and I got at least 80% of the list done.

Yep, feeling sorta self righteous.

Went to a really good class on Advocacy. Learned about the state government, etc. It was given by an advocacy group called Voices for Alabama Children.

Begged for some money today, for the ASA Teacher Appreciation Dinner from an as yet not to be named source. I've got a better than 50% chance, I think. If they come through, I'll name names.

And I even managed to get a supper on the table, with Mark's help, and we had a family dinner. And I got him some socks and underwear done. So he's a happy camper.
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AACK.  --Just a few of the current tornadoes in my life right now:
FAFSA   -- Is there anyone else out there in college or sending someone to college who can identify?
ASA      --  Autism Society of America
ASA      --  Autism Society of Alabama  (the Birmingham chapter of the ASA -- what were they thinking? I never know who I mean)
NAASA -- chapter 101, the North AL chapter,  the one I'm the secretary of.
    5th annual Teacher Appreciation Dinner.
       make and send out invitations, both email, and nice cards
       keep track of reservations
       get donations for door prizes
       contact local providers and arrange for information booths at dinner
       send nice thank you letters to donors of door prizes
    Easter Egg Hunt (leftovers)  deliver photos of kids with Bunny, ask permission to use on site.
    Sell tickets for Belk's Charity Sale  (the chapter gets to keep all $5 of the price of the ticket, and the buyer gets $5 off their first purchase the             day of the sale.  And any charity can sign up to sell tickets.  Belk is doing good works in the community)
    Make Yahoo group for local chapter
    Find someone to make a website.
    oh yeah, attend meetings, do minutes
Autism Speaks  (but not for most Autistics)  Just make me crazy.  Bite tongue, do not rant about "curebies"
IDEA         (Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act)  -  learning to advocate for others
IEP      Individual Education Plan -- what special Ed students allegedly get in Public School  (per IDEA)
FAPE  Free Appropriate Public Education  yeah, right, see above.
ASYPSG     Thomas's ASperger's social group
Asperger's Luncheon - monthly support group I'm in charge of, and need to send reminders for.
ADA         (not the dentists - the Americans with Disabilities Act)
Franklin School
    teach lit group this month, teacher's aide often
    member of Parent Executive Board
    Diploma Reviews coming up - 9 kids this year, plus presentation by Thomas (senior project)
    Graduation 2008 - Thomas and four girls, May 17
       make poster on Snapfish
       pay Julie for M&Ms
       meeting Monday at venue
       what am I bringing for snack?
       Borrow Christine's commercial coffepot
    Yearbook - send pics of Thomas at events to editor (find?)
    Thomas's Senior pictures - decide on which, and order in time to get in yearbook
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Last Saturday we had the 1st Annual ASA Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic for children on the Autism Spectrum and it was so gratifying!  We had a final count of around 20 kids.  Some of whom had never been able to hunt before (one was 14!).  Most were pretty young, tho, under eight.  They were all candy-sweet, and their parents were unbelievably grateful and happy for their little ones to have this opportunity. The Easter bunny was there (some nice pictures), and Rhiannon did face-painting, and Thomas and his friend Matt (not my son) had an egg-dyeing area, and there were two giant blowup things, and coloring, and foosball, and some other games before the hunt.  Afterward we ate a potluck picnic (inside at tables), and gave out prizes and treat bags.  And there was a TON of food left over.  Everyone was just heart-warmingly generous and wanting to help with everything.  It was truly a blessed afternoon.  I felt wonderful to be a part of it.  Everyone needs to have this kind of renewing experience occasionally.  Some pics here:
More to be added later
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Okay, I'm dreading tomorrow.  It's going to be one of those hellatiously busy days where I have no time to think hardly, and I prove that I have no life of my own.

I get up two hours earlier than I like  --7am--  to drive 40mins to take Thomas to Calculus (9-10:40) .  Sit in the Lobby of the Math & Science Bldg (no wifi) and wait.  Maybe get a little paperwork done.  Drive home, usually there by 11:15. Eat lunch. Teach Thomas & do housework.  Take Thomas to the school for band practice 4-5:00.  Drop Thomas at home, drive into town (40mins) to be at the Autism Society by 6.  I wish it wasn't so traumatic for him to drive.  But anyway, I'm just whiny tonight.

But Friday I can sleep late, I just have to make Thomas study and practice violin, and don't have to go anywhere until the Asperger's moms' meeting for supper.

Saturday, again with the getting up early, to get into town by 8, for an SCA event.  Thomas's teacher and some other students are playing Medieval music during the feast (wearing Medieval Garb).  We're going early so Thomas can go to an arrow-making class.  I've got to take a camera.
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I've been sick, Thursday and Friday.  I did manage to get to my "annual" (give or take 4 years) physical and pap on Thursday, but as the day wore on, I felt worse and worse.   I went ahead an went to the NAASA meeting (No. AL. chapter of the Autism Society of America) and I shouldn't have.  I was almost too miserable to drive home.  So I went to bed early.  Friday, I missed stuff.  I was supposed to go to physical therapy, and I sure didn't feel like that, I was sore enough from that, plus the general aching  of being sick.  I also missed two school things.  But it seemed they carried on without me.


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