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Jun. 2nd, 2011 09:44 pm
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I know it’s petty. Compared to how bad things were, complaining about today’s migraine is like someone who’s jst spent months with broken legs up in traction then complaining about a sprained ankle. But still, a sprain can leave you unable to walk. And today has been one of those migraine days where none of the various drugs or combinations has completely done the job. I keep trying to focus on the fact that this will be an isolated incident, as opposed to a four-days-a-week affair. I just hate that I’ve wasted most of a day not being able to think clearly.

I started reading Freakonomics today. It’s immediately interesting. Both of my boys have read it and raved about it. But it keeps being loaned to someone else before I can catch it. So I had to order it on PaperBackSwap. Which is okay, I have a lot of credits to use. I’ve been letting Mat order books, and he’s managed to order 17-18, but that still leaves me about 15-16 credits.

Speaking of, I got an App for it. (I love my new iPhone toy.) Now instead of logging onto the site and entering the 10-digit ISBN, I just aim my phone at the bar code, and it beeps and the book is listed! It is entirely too cool. I threatened to scan every book in my house, but I don’t want to swap most of them. I wonder if there’s a app for just scanning them into a spreadsheet or database?

Thomas and I also spent some time calming down Bethany. She’s getting married in a couple of weeks, and she’s about ready to turn into Bridezilla. Thomas is the wedding musician. He’s playing piano before and during the wedding, then playing violin during the reception. He played a few things for her today, and reassured her that at least the music would be beautiful.

ETA: There is a book database app, called iBook!  Scanning as we speak.

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We (Thomas and I) just got back from Atlas Shrugged part 1. It was definitely worth seeing. It's condensed, you don't get much of the interesting side stories, (like WIllie is a more major charcter in the book) and back story (the three of the, Dagney, Frisco, and WIllie as little kids) so it feels a little rushed. But. I still liked it. I hear it's getting awful reviews. Everyone should see it to judge for themselves. The horror of the down-slide of society builds more slowly in the book. As one reviewer says, "The book boils the frog slowly while the movie throws the frog in the boiling water." But that's the usual nature of long book versus movie version.
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Mark took off work today so we could spend the day together. 

It was easy.  He spent Valentine's in a cave.  When he asked if that was okay, I told him, "Sure. Just, I want you to take off work Wednesday for our anniversary."  He very readily agreed.  He'd much rather take a day off work than a day off caving! lol

I slept late and woke up to hot tea.  I had to do a little "work" today, some editing, some chatting to my boss about my upcoming new job (more later), and some of that around the house stuff: call in refills, feed the fish, etc.  I did that while he was at church for Ash Wednesday services.

Then we headed off towards Nashville.  We ate a really late lunch at Moe's Southwest grill.  meh.  It was y first time;  Mark's eaten there before and liked it. I can eat there and like it okay, but I'll never go there on my own.

Then  McKAY'S Used Books and more.  I love that store.  It's gigantic, and what you wish all used bookstores were like.  Back when I was in college they were just getting started up in Knoxville.  Now several expansions there, they've expanded out to Chattanooga and Nashville.  They have a website: Mark's been looking for a large print bible and finally found one there, and a few other books  I was very well behaved and only bought two reference books.  My TBR pile is now TWO long shelves.

Then we hit Best Buy and got Mark another camera.  (Remember, I killed the last on in Mexico.  However, the other 5 that he killed, not my fault.)

He gave me my gift at home this morning.  He got me a beautiful new ring.  Exquisitely engraved gold and diamonds.  I'll try to post a picture.

Now we're at home, relaxing with a glass of wine.  Really nice day.
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Sigh, So much fanfic, so little time.  And then there's that stack of books on the floor in front of the bookshelf, staring accusingly at me, demanding to know why they haven't been read yet.
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So, I had some young people open my mind a little today.  I attended the High School Lit group today, which was being hosted by a young man (15 or 16?) and his mom.  He picked the book, Princess Bride, because he's seen the movie enough times that he can speak all the lines with the characters.  We know this because he insisted on doing this until everyone in the room had threatened him at least once if he didn't shut up.  The movie was not as bad as I imagined. It didn't seem to know whether it wanted to be a comedy or not, and much of it felt rushed and like I was missing things.  And this was from someone who had NOT read the book.  The discussion afterward made me much more interested in the book. 

Altho, I will admit, that pretty boy that played Wesley made up for some of the fail of the movie.  And Mandy Patinkin playing vengeful was good.  However, for me, that is one of those men who has actually grown more attractive as he's aged. (like Sean Connery)

So, just one more book on the ever growing scary-tall books to be read pile.

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Thomas and Shelby and I went to the Franklin School Medieval Feast.  Four removes.  Enough food to kill a fellow, and delicious!  We all wore costumes.  Greens, veggies & fruit, two different kinds of bread with spreads, chicken in orange sauce, stewed apples, bowtie noodles, and the cake was shaped like a castle, with strawberries on top and snow (whipped cream) all around the bottom.

And of course, Thomas played medieval music on the violin.

After the feast, after I'd changed into more modern clothing, I went to our local Books a Million.  I needed to buy a book for Shelby for the upcoming lit group.  I was also going to buy Breaking Dawn, since Thomas wasn't along to herd me past the books. However they were sold out.  I really don't like going there.  It's sort of like going to a flea market as far as consistent stock is concerned.  But I stayed there an hour, not finding anything, and being amazed at the curious (lack of) filing system.

Then I hid out some more at Walgreen's, buying chocolate and picking up drugs. 

I would prefer to find a little solitude and quiet in my own house, but it seems just fairly impossible.
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I told the guys that I was taking the weekend off.  I wasn't going to fold laundry, remind them to take baths, cook, or entertain them.  They were on their own, don't talk to me, live if you can.

Day one went fairly well.  I only had to remind the boys once or twice (each) that i was off, and they had to find their own shit, put together their own food, and not bother me.  Stayed in my PJs until 2pm.  Read lots (online).  Answered and cleaned out emails, posted pics to Facebook, talked to my mother on the phone for about 2 hours.  She's broken down and gotten on Facebook.

But I did not live up to my resolution to read at least one hour every day from a BOOK.  What does this say about the time I'm online?

Day two now.  They apparently don't believe me about the I'm not cooking thing.  I don't know why, I rarely cook on the weekend anyway.  I guess they just can't believe that I really do not care when, if or what they eat.  And apparently it came as a big surprise to them that they were not "off" either.  That the birds still had to be fed, and the dishes were not going to pile up all over the kitchen waiting for me.

Ah well, think I'll go read now.  I finally managed to start Dead Until Dark and I quite like it so far.

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I'm all nuts now about the Twilight series.  I can't believe I am completely sucked into a young adult book with teen-aged characters about teen-aged angst.  With the major female being as close to the definition of a Mary Sue as any I've ever seen.  But I'm just loving it.  This woman can write emotions and angst. I will have to go see the movie and see how well they handled everything.

I've finished books 1 & 2 & 3, and I actually spent the $18 for book 3, which is still only out in hardcover. 

 I was going to buy Breaking Dawn last weekend, but Thomas literally threw his body in front of my reaching hand and herded me out of the bookstore, saying, "You made me promise not to let you buy anymore books!"

I do have an overwhelming pile of books waiting to be read.  But...

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What was I thinking?!?!  Revised:

When I get a little money,

I buy books.

Then I buy chocolate.

Then if there's any money left, I buy food and clothing.

The Budget

Dec. 1st, 2008 04:52 pm
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(stolen from a tote at Barnes & Noble)

If I get a little money, I buy books.

If there's any left,

I buy food and clothing.

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I've always been haunted by the Hemingway story. This is more fun

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Okay, this is just sinful.  There is no just no other word for it.  I went out tonight with all the kids to a Mexican Restaurant. Mat graced me with his presence for a while today.  It was wonderful.  We got all caught up.  Then he went over to get Rhiannon, and Thomas and Shelby and I met them at a local Mexican Restaurant.  It was much too tasty.  I believe that my stomach is actually distended.  Somewhere after the sopapilla, when I was trying to enjoy my second Dos Equis, I realized that I was full in a way I'd never been full in my life.   I just knew that if I tried to send one more sip down my throat, chaos and destruction would ensue.  I had to abandon 2/3rds of a beer just sitting on the table.  No one but Rhiannon was old enough to drink it in public, and she's just not the beer type. 

So now I'm sitting here, miserable, and almost asleep, because I stayed up until 3am last night reading Fledgling.  An interesting Vampire mythology so far.  I'm not sure if I loveit or not.  I've read about half the book.  It's written in a pretty simplistic, first person POV.  The narrator is supposed to be a 53 year old vampire "child" who's been severely injured and thus remembers nothing before waking up trying to heal.  Thus the simplistic style.  Like I say, interesting, but I'm not sure if it's one I'll keep.

ETA:  I just realized that with tags like 'sin' and 'vampire' this entry should be a lot more exciting than it is!
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There I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday, because it was educator appreciation week (25% off with the teacher card -- I'll miss that discount when Thomas graduates) and I wander over to SciFi/Fantasy, and there are all Tanya Huff's Blood Books, re-released, with stills from the shows as covers. Like I didn't just buy the books last Spring when I first discovered the show was based on books. I tried THREE TIMES to walk away. Then I just ran back and bought all of them, plus the two "Tony" books (Smoke and Mirrors and Smoke and ...?). I haven't read the Smoke books, because honestly Tony was never my favorite character. But I went ahead and bought them and I'll read them just for Henry's appearances. Thank goodness for Fanfic. I'm glad I tried it and found out that it can be GOOD writing, as opposed to what I'd been exposed to before. Between us, Thomas and I spent $100. We really need to get back to our 12 step program in Bookaholics anonymous. But, since the discount didn't have to be on educational stuff this one week, we got a whole big bag of books. --For about the price of ONE textbook. Textbooks are such a scam.


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