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Today was a frustrating day at Target. I was trying to get two wedding gifts and a bridal shower gift. Plus a few quick groceries. It took all afternoon. Allegedly both brides were registered there, but one only had one item there, and the other had let her fiancé pick too many things. And I’m sorry, but I am not giving video games, or video game systems or 40” televisions or brown washcloths to anyone for their wedding. And I always forget how badly laid out target is. Just because something is on shelf C34 doesn’t mean you can find C34. It’s nowhere near the D-F shelves. And as best we could tell, there are no A or B shelves. And if something says “limited quantities,” that’s code for it was on sale, and there ain’t no more. After finally finding 2 of 3 gifts (one on a registry, one not) we wheeled over to groceries for about 15 things. The grocery section is even less intuitively laid out, and it turned out that half the things we wanted aren’t groceries and are spread out about the store in other places: shampoo (cosmetics), hand soap (Pharmacy), scrubbing sponge pads (housewares, with the mops), pet supplies. However, toilet paper is in the grocery section. And vinegar.

We came home exhausted. The good thing about wandering around was that we passed through frozen foods and I scored some frozen TGIFridays tater skins, so supper was happy.

Now I just need to wrap the shower gift.

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Mark took off work today so we could spend the day together. 

It was easy.  He spent Valentine's in a cave.  When he asked if that was okay, I told him, "Sure. Just, I want you to take off work Wednesday for our anniversary."  He very readily agreed.  He'd much rather take a day off work than a day off caving! lol

I slept late and woke up to hot tea.  I had to do a little "work" today, some editing, some chatting to my boss about my upcoming new job (more later), and some of that around the house stuff: call in refills, feed the fish, etc.  I did that while he was at church for Ash Wednesday services.

Then we headed off towards Nashville.  We ate a really late lunch at Moe's Southwest grill.  meh.  It was y first time;  Mark's eaten there before and liked it. I can eat there and like it okay, but I'll never go there on my own.

Then  McKAY'S Used Books and more.  I love that store.  It's gigantic, and what you wish all used bookstores were like.  Back when I was in college they were just getting started up in Knoxville.  Now several expansions there, they've expanded out to Chattanooga and Nashville.  They have a website: Mark's been looking for a large print bible and finally found one there, and a few other books  I was very well behaved and only bought two reference books.  My TBR pile is now TWO long shelves.

Then we hit Best Buy and got Mark another camera.  (Remember, I killed the last on in Mexico.  However, the other 5 that he killed, not my fault.)

He gave me my gift at home this morning.  He got me a beautiful new ring.  Exquisitely engraved gold and diamonds.  I'll try to post a picture.

Now we're at home, relaxing with a glass of wine.  Really nice day.
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Christmas in two and a half weeks?  I am just not ready. I know everyone says that, but I don't —this is just NOT like me!  I am a serious Christmas planner.  I've always had to be.  My winter depression usually sets in just before thanksgiving, and anything not already done doesn't get done.  So I begin to buy stocking stuffers on Dec. 26 for the next year.  I order gifts ahead, I wrap and hide ahead.  The boys were always required to get their wish lists in before Mat's birthday (Oct. 22) so I could shop for all three things at the same time.  Especially Thomas, because he HATES surprises, and I needed time to get the EXACT right thing.  His lists often include the website and order #.  This year has been in such a disarray, what with Thomas's graduation and college application and FAFSA, being gone to TN most of the summer, and the Thomas totaling the car / buying two new cars thing, and the taking in a new son, and the associated classes, fingerprints, and paperwork (including a complete physical and TB test), and too many other things to even mention, I've just completely lost it. I got Shelby's list last week, and Thomas's yesterday, and Mat won't even give me one, because he wants the cash and some black socks!  And my beloved?  Wants two things.  A car charger for his cell phone, and a couple of good wooden spoons for the kitchenBoring!  How can I get motivated for that?
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I managed the downtime. whew.

While I was in Decatur today, I got to fill up the Vue with gas for $1.85!   That's only twice what it should be!

And, after only a 2 hour wait at DHR, we got a clothing voucher for $150!  And when we got to the store they were having a major sale!  We managed to get him several good pieces of clothing.  Two pairs of pants, two nice shirts, 3 t-shirts, a fleecy jacket, and a suit coat.  It's Alabama, so a fleece jacket will get him through most of the winter.  Still I need to go get him a real coat, but not today.  Any, we managed to get all that with the voucher and $24 from me!  I was very impressed.

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No, not panicking here.  1 hour and 34 minutes. Then no live journal.  Reading like a crazy person.

Also, at 8am, it's still only 33°.  Gaack.   We were all still in denial about the impending cold, telling ourselves the 50's would last, but now it's time to dig out the jackets. 

Or in Shelby's case go buy the child one.  I can't believe DHR sent him here practically naked.  It's not as if they pulled him out of a meth house in the middle of the night, and couldn't take anything with them.  He's been in "care" (they call it) for 10 Years! I understand why this last foster home didn't buy anything, they only took him as an emergency and knew he wouldn't be there too long.  But before that he spent 2 years in a children's group home.  They didn't have time to buy him one shirt that actually fits?  And he's 19.5 years old.  He's been out of that teenage boy grow fast stage for at least 2 years, probably 3.  Grrr.

2 pairs of blue jeans
1  pair long pants with the button torn out,
2 shirts, neither of which really fit him, the buttons are straining and the sleeves aren't long enough for him to wear comfortably (so really no shirts)
2 T-shirts, one of which we bought for him on one of the weekend visits.
1 pair sports shorts, which he will never leave my house in, just gross
1 pair shoes, almost completely worn out. (I've already bought a good pair of athletic shoes, $130 - extra large, ya know)
3 pairs of sock, one of which actually fit him.
5 pairs of underwear, one of which he says is not his.

Oh, but all the kids at the group home got iPod shuffles for Christmas.
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Turned out to just be mostly long and boring.  (Should have made Min pick me up on her way to DragonCon. *g*) 

Mark left Friday morning for "Pupfest" --a caving/camping outing every Labor Day instituted by a caver named, you guessed it, "Pup".  It's a big thing, peole come from 3 or 4 states, and one flew in from Canada. And he didn't get back until late Monday, and I just missed him horribly.   More than I anticipated.  We're usually just fine for a few days apart (remember I spent a good deal of the summer in TN), but this time, even tho Thomas was here, I just felt lonely.  Maybe it was the last straw for too many days spent apart this summer.  Appearantly, he missed me too, because the highlight of the holiday was Monday night, just the two of us.

And I didn't just sit around all weekend.  I was busy doing "fun" stuff, it just wasn't distracting enough.

On Saturday, Thomas got me up fairly early for a Saturday.  I'd mumbled something the day before about bookstore.... So we spent the day doing the "girlfriend" thing (if your girlfriend is a geek).  Best Buy, Hobby Lobby, Barnes & Noble, The Fret Shop (they sell violins, etc.). 

And in the middle somewhere, we ate out at a little restaurant called the "Wild Flour Bistro" which was not what I was expecting, and way more expensive than I was expecting, but what the heck.  I thought it would be a little specialty cafe, maybe feature bread products, or not, sort of like The Atlanta Bread Company, but not a chain.  But it was very fancy, real table cloths, hovering waiters, and entrees like 'Rack of Lamb.'  We both had Prime Rib au jus (the special) and desserts. He had Keylime cheesecake, and I had a hot fudge and Grand Marnier sundae with pecans, real whipped cream, and a cherry.  I had both the house red wine (forgot the name) with dinner, and coffee with dessert.  Both were excellent.  you can tell oodles about a restaurant by the coffee.  And the bathroom was spotless.  I may get Mark to dress up and go with me sometimes.  

Thomas was embarrassed about being under-dressed, but I assured him that the restaurant experience just wasn't what it used to be, and most people would be causally dressed. And it was very early, so we were one of the first 2 parties there.  (I was "business casual" but he was just khakis and a Tee.) Not long after a group of four walked in with their shorts and tees, looking like they'd come straight from the yardwork.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not as much of a snob as that sounds.  I just come from a time when going to a restaurant was a treat, a special occasion, worth getting cleaned up for, not just something that happened 4 days a week because no on has time to cook.  And if you were going to (knowingly) pay those kinds of prices, dressing for the occasion makes it just that much more special, and worth the money.

And Sunday my older son graced us with his presence because he needed me to go to the phone store with him to get a replacement for the phone he'd broken.  I was glad to see him, and find out about classes this fall, etc.  I just wish he came for more reasons than need.  We all miss him.  And Rhiannon manages to find time to visit with her family.  It's difficult to watch him struggle with things that I could show him the easy way for, if he'd just ask.  And yes, I have to wait until he asks.  Remember how well you listened to all that unsolicited advice your parents gave you?  No matter how many times or how I say it, I can't convince him that independent does not mean the same thing as alone.  Far from it.  Knowing when and how to ask for help is a key part of achieving maturity. 

Mat spent a good amount of time complaining about money, and lack there of.   Which I'm NOT helping him with, since he's in financial straits because made a series of bad decisions that he'd been warned were not going to turn out well, and still insisted on. Ever since he was able to talk, my method of discipline was "natural consequences" because, turns out, that's Life's main teaching tool, as well.  I'm not going to just throw him to the wolves, and he knows that.  He knows that if it gets THAT bad, he can come to me.  Or he could come to me now with a reasoned arguement or proposal for loan or raise in allowance.  But I am not going to offer that.  And he knows that he created his mess, and that his parents, like the future "Real World," expect him to figure it out as best as he can.

Anyway, since he was talking budget shortfalls and all, Thomas says, "Oh mom! We need to help him save money by taking him out to a restaurant for dinner tonight."  That Thomas, he'll do Anything for a meal out.  I gave him the eye, because Mat and I both knew that Thomas cared nothing about Mat's money problem, except that it would be useful to help him get to go out the second night in a row.  I really didn't care, so I told Mat to ask Rhiannon and come up with a restaurant, since she has dietary restrictions (gluten free) and they're both vegetarian.  We ended up at Applebee's.  It was good, and fun.  And if you're there and don't know what to get, Applebee's makes an excellent onion soup.

But the highlight was Mark coming home.  As I was not falling asleep Saturday night, I actually considered going with him next year.  Yes, I'm actually contemplating camping.  I must love him more than I thought.  But I am NEVER repeat NEVER going into a cave without being sedated to the point of unconsciousness.  I will NEVER love Anyone that much!

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Thomas and I spent 6 hours in the Mall Tuesday.  I don't know what possessed us.  We just went to get our rings cleaned, inspected, etc.  They have warranties on the stones, but only if the jewelry store gets to inspect them every 6 months.  We went in the wrong door. The one where we hd to go by lots of nice stuff on the way to the jewelry store.

I bought a summer wardrobe:  4 pairs of jeans (2 blue, 1 red, 1 black) and 3 little shirts.  Then i bought more skin and nail care products than any one person could ever need.  But I am really soft and smooth all over, and my nails (and cuticles) are beautiful.  And I smell delicious.

Thomas finally found a watch that he loved and that was big enough to go around his bear-sized arm.  Turns out that the cheaper the watch, the smaller the band.  He finally ended up with a very nice Seiko with a dark blue face, and the band has both gold and silver.

We had supper in the Mall at Cinnabuns.  Yes, we had large, gooey, sinful cinnamon rolls and Dr. Peppers. 

It doesn't sound like 6 hours worth, does it.  But there was lots of looking and trying on of clothes and watches.
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Doesn't matter how many there are. I reached the point today where I just realized I was done. If I haven't gotten someone something, they're just not getting it.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 07:15 pm
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We finally did it.  We quit talking and shopping and Thomas and I went and bought the Nissan Versa Hatchback!  Automatic, continuously variable transmission.  You never even feel the gears change, much less have to worry about changing them yourself.  Sapphire Blue.  I think I'm going to call it Nellie.

Christmas shopping is going fairly well this year.  Not done, but moving along, with ideas for almost everyone but one Aunt.  Bought Christmas ornaments for all the nieces and  nephews on my side.  They'll be bored with them, but I generally never get the right thing anyway.  Except for last year when I bought that pink feather boa for Princess. And I went to a lot of trouble to try to pick something wonderful for each kid.  Well, and Mason loved the little science gadget I got him.   So, 2 out of 10.  So this year I went for easy.

The last few days we've been taking care of our friends' cats, fish, and turtle while they went off for a late vacation.  It's been fun.  Of course, the problem is that now Thomas wants an aquarium.  And, so do I, sorta.
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Yes, there we were, when Mat called to say Hi, and he knew we'd be shopping because we "always" go shopping in the evening after Japanese lessons!

We ate there, and Thomas had to peruse all the anime music, and I stopped in Sears, and found another pair of red boots -- only ankle high, which is better. And less than half the price! Notice the new UserPic?.

Then we just had to have Cinnabons. No will power.


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