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This is incredible, amazing, and totally awesome. I might as well be cliched, because nothing I say could touch how inspired she made me this morning. It starts with her (Sarah Kay) speaking her poem "When I Have A Daughter" which brought my heart up into my throat. She goes on to talk about performance poetry and living. Listen to all 18 minutes.
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Are you sure it's not Monday?    Since Thomas just left yesterday to go to TN It seems like it ought to be Monday.  Yes, I casually said Thomas to TN, as if it's no big deal.  But inside I'm doing the jumpy up and down thing.  He's just having a breakthrough this summer.  I feel myself getting lighter and lighter every day.  I can already tell that he's going to need a lot less support and supervision this fall that I was expecting to have to do.

Now, I just need to figure out what I want to be, now that I'm grown up.  I've got another 40-50 years i need to keep myself busy during.

And the dogs, cats, finches, and aquarium are just not quite doing it for me. 

And housework is like being punished, so not that.  In fact, I learned this summer, (Thanks mom!) how to get out of ironing Mark's work shirts. And washing them, for that matter.  I take them to the dry cleaner, where they launder (not dry clean) them, and press them better than any human can.   $1.20 per shirt.  Worth every penny.  Hey, I'm saving all that electricity the iron uses (which must be a lot, because every time it cuts on the lights in the room dim) and all that wash water, and electricity for the dryer....  But most importantly, I'm not ironing.

I repeat, the only thing domestic about me is that I LIVE in a house.

Really, the problem is that there are too many possibilities. 

I could become an advocate for Autistic kids and their parents in IEP meetings, and other dealings with the school system.  For free, or for money. 

I could volunteer full time for the local ASA chapter.  Trust me, it's easily a full time job for 3 people. 

Or, I could make my Dad (step) really happy and run the branch office down here in AL.  They already actually set up an office, unmanned, the drawback being it's almost 2 hrs. from my home.  But I wouldn't have to go down there every day.  The real work that I'd need to take care of could mostly be taken care of from home, thanks to phone forwards, internet, etc.  That would be the most profitable for me, I think. I'm just not sure I want to work that much.  I still think my ideal job would be part time in a bookstore.  Enough hours to get the employee discount, but not so much I still couldn't have fun with my beloved.

So, that's my random brain, going round and round.
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The future is predetermined by the character of those who shape it
~Samantha Carter
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We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. - Franklin Delano Roosevelt


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