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There's nothing wrong with me (knock on wood), I am just having a "not want to do anything" day.  I have my house here to myself all day, so I'm indulging that.Some FarmVille, some working on the journal project, and maybe I'll just spend some time wandering around looking for stuff.  I could spend a week looking for stuff, and still not find all the missing stuff.
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My friend Cathy recently had to run out at the last minute to buy black shoes because she didn't find out he needed them for a performance at school until that morning, when he walked into the room with his shoes wrapped in (unfortunately shiny/glowing) duct-tape wrapped shoes.

I wrote her today:

Sherron Lucile Ostrander to Cathy Schmidt Barnes
Just thought you might appreciate the fact that I had to go out and buy Thomas black pants and shirt. He has several black t-shirts, but they all say something clever and distracting. At least he owns a pair of black shoes!

Cathy Schmidt Barnes
Ah, but did you go out to Wally's at 6:30am because he needed them by 8? :)

Sherron Lucile Ostrander
No, it was not nearly that exciting! In fact, it went much smoother than I expected. Remember T has Asperger's, and generally doesn't wear anything with buttons. But apparently this fits in the "costume" category and since he knows he'll rarely wear it, he was more flexible.
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From Face Book:
Am doing unpacking, and laundry, and mail sorting, and phone calling, and re-packing, and other just downright productive, if boring, getting-ready stuff.

<a friend> comments: 
yeah, never the fun part of travel, that's for sure. I use to do all of the work, get the pets ready for the sitter, get the kids ready, pack my stuff and their stuff. Then husband would run in, throw in a pair of shorts, a few shirts in the suitcase. Then he always wondered why I was so stressed at the beginning of the trip.

I reply:

--for most of our trips, your scenario was mine. But since it's a rope/rappelling/camping related trip, and Mark is the designated "Camping Chair" he has to get all that stuff r...eady. And "the kids" are now just Thomas, who will be staying at home and pet/house sitting. Not having to worry about the kids, the pets, and the house while we're gone relieves a TON of stress!

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Note to self: Do not lick the self-sticking stamps! Ptew! ptew!
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Maybe some of you have seen my last Facebook Profile pic:

I recently re-connected with someone who knew me in high school (My first true love's dad). He said, "You've changed since the last time I saw you."

I answered, "Naw, I always looked like this.  It was the makeup"  and I changed to another "younger" pic:

His reply: "And now you use the cheep makeup??"

I always did love that man!


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