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Today was a frustrating day at Target. I was trying to get two wedding gifts and a bridal shower gift. Plus a few quick groceries. It took all afternoon. Allegedly both brides were registered there, but one only had one item there, and the other had let her fiancé pick too many things. And I’m sorry, but I am not giving video games, or video game systems or 40” televisions or brown washcloths to anyone for their wedding. And I always forget how badly laid out target is. Just because something is on shelf C34 doesn’t mean you can find C34. It’s nowhere near the D-F shelves. And as best we could tell, there are no A or B shelves. And if something says “limited quantities,” that’s code for it was on sale, and there ain’t no more. After finally finding 2 of 3 gifts (one on a registry, one not) we wheeled over to groceries for about 15 things. The grocery section is even less intuitively laid out, and it turned out that half the things we wanted aren’t groceries and are spread out about the store in other places: shampoo (cosmetics), hand soap (Pharmacy), scrubbing sponge pads (housewares, with the mops), pet supplies. However, toilet paper is in the grocery section. And vinegar.

We came home exhausted. The good thing about wandering around was that we passed through frozen foods and I scored some frozen TGIFridays tater skins, so supper was happy.

Now I just need to wrap the shower gift.


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